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Catherine has been writing professionally for more than twenty years in various industries. One of her employment history highlights was her work at Agape International Spiritual Center as the Youth and Family Coordinator. Her duties include business correspondence, curriculum development, children's short story writing, and the creation of marketing materials.

She is currently working in screenwriting and scriptwriting for podcasts dramas. She is also in charge of project development for Foley Marra Studios. Her work includes assisting screenwriters in developing ideas and editing.


Catherine specializes in the following areas:
Blog writing
Vlog scripting
Creative writing
Personal development
Film criticism and history
Current events
Comedic writing

She is skilled at finding visual material to match the writing and is experienced in adapting or expanding previously written material.


Catherine's interests include:
Film production
Podcast production (she is also an avid podcast listener)
Ancient history
Stand up comedy
Comedy writing
Science fiction
Horror writing
Television writing
Television history
Media analysis and criticism
Current events
Cultural observation


Arizona State University

Catherine's education at ASU centered on writing and communication. She also completed a study abroad program in Rome, Italy. The program focused on Post World War II Italian cinema and screenwriting.


100 Projects Completed

Catherine spent over a decade working at Agape International Spiritual Center, an organization known worldwide for its spiritual principles and education. As a licensed spiritual practitioner, Catherine regularly wrote articles on faith, esoteric spirituality, the history of New Though spirituality in the United States, and children's stories. She taught meditation and self-development principles to children through Mindvalley University in Croatia in 2018.


20 Projects Completed

Catherine's writing has covered many aspects of the entertainment industry. She is currently a working actress, voiceover performer, screenwriter, and producer, so her understanding of the entertainment industry is extensive.


20 Projects Completed

Catherine's work includes general humorous writing on various topics, including current events, television, personal experiences, and cultural events. She is an experienced stand-up comedian and improvisation actress, all of which help her comedy writing in all its forms, from screenplays to general interest stories.


20 Projects Completed

Catherine has written a variety of screenplays and podcasts scripts. She is skilled in adapting previously written materials (such as short stories) and creating new work based on a particular topic or story idea. She works with other screenwriters regularly to help them develop their ideas and is an experienced collaborator.

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