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Sam has been a full-time freelance content and copywriter since 2020. During this time, Sam has written for just under 50 clients.

His main work consists of writing blog articles, landing pages, and sales pages. However, he's also written emails, product descriptions, and news articles for various companies.

Sam's primary niches are:
Personal Development/Mental Health

However, Sam has also written in the following industries:
Real Estate
Health and Wellbeing

Sam looks forward to writing with more clients and growing his freelance writing career.
Self Help
Real Estate
Landing Page
Blog Post


Sam has written hundreds of blog articles for clients since he became a freelance writer in 2020. As a result, he's amassed a superb amount of knowledge regarding SEO, copywriting, content marketing, and writing blogs that drive results for clients.

After training as a copywriter in 2019 and 2020, Sam started writing copy for various clients. Since 2020, Sam has built a vast client list in multiple industries, such as travel, cannabis, CBD, and self-help/mental health.

Sam's copy always drives results. He has experience in writing landing pages, sales pages, emails, and superb CTAs that drive massive results.

He can't wait to meet new clients and deliver outstanding results through his blogging and copywriting skills.


Sam is an avid world traveler who has traveled to almost 50 countries worldwide. During his global travels, Sam became inspired to become a freelance travel writer.

However, when he's not traveling he lives in London, England, where he works as a full-time freelance writer.

In addition to his travel interests, Sam has a passion for CBD, business, real estate, and self-help. After working with various content agencies, Sam has delivered excellent results in all these industries.

As we start 2022, Sam is looking forward to traveling again, running marathons, competing in triathlons, and working with more great clients.

He can't wait to continue building his writing career in 2022.


University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

Sam studied a BA in Criminology & Criminal Justice at the University of Central Lancashire. He received an Upper Second-Class Honours in May 2016 (3.3-3.7 US GPA).


32 Projects Completed

Sam is an avid traveler who's traveled to over 50 countries during his twenties. His avid passion for travel has helped him write for major travel companies in the travel news, travel blogging, and luxury travel sector.

Here are some of the countries Sam has visited:
- Greece
- Spain
- The Netherlands
- Italy
- The Czech Republic
- Germany
- Mexico
- Australia
- New Zealand
- Barbados
- Jamaica
- The United States
- Thailand
- India
- Vietnam
- Cambodia
- The Philippines
- Japan
- South Korea
- China
- Singapore
- Hong Kong
- Indonesia
- Malaysia
- Taiwan
- Egypt
- Morocco
- Austria
- Hungary
- Portugal
- The United Kingdom
- Bulgaria
- Romania
- The UAE

When Sam decided to become a full-time freelance writer, he started travel writing. Travel was his initial passion and why he started writing.

Sam has written blogs, landing pages, emails, listicles, product descriptions, and sales pages for over 30 travel blogs and companies.

As the COVID-19 pandemic ends, Sam can't wait to meet more clients as the world restarts the travel industry.


8 Projects Completed

Sam's worked with a myriad of CBD and cannabis companies across the United States, Europe, and Canada. During his time as a cannabis writer, he's written blog articles, CBD guides, news articles, sales pages, and landing pages for various cannabis companies.

Sam also has a vast understanding of the North American and European cannabis market after writing almost a hundred articles for various clients in the North American industry. As a result, he knows how to write for customers who are curious about cannabis.

Sam is passionate about the health benefits of using CBD products. As the industry continues to boom worldwide, Sam wants to be at the forefront of delivering the best cannabis content on the internet.

Real Estate

6 Projects Completed

Sam has written blog posts, landing pages, sales pages, emails, and white papers for various real estate companies in the USA, U.K, and UAE. In 2021, he wrote for real estate finance companies based in London, England.

In addition, Sam has worked with American mortgage brokers, real estate developers, real estate investors, and real estate agents to deliver excellent articles, landing pages, and white papers. He's worked with these clients through content marketing agencies.

Sam wrote a successful landing page for a Dubai real estate broker. The page attracted many leads and converted sales for the brokerage.

Self Help

5 Projects Completed

Sam has specialized in writing self-help articles for companies in various industries, such as online education, SAAS, travel, finance, recruitment, and technology.

As a freelance writer, Sam has read over 100 books on self-help, mental health, and personal development.

Sam's vast subject knowledge has helped him self-help articles for major technology start-ups in the USA.

Blog Post

72 Projects Completed

Sam has written hundreds of SEO-optimized blog posts for websites in various industries, such as travel, CBD, health, finance, business, self-development, SAAS, cryptocurrency, and real estate.

During his career as a freelance writer, his articles have received millions of hits, and he's worked with industry-leading websites to provide high-quality content.

Sam specializes in travel, cannabis, and personal development as his three primary blog article niches.

Landing Page

6 Projects Completed

After training as a copywriter in 2019 and 2020, Sam has written landing pages for various companies throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

His landing pages have delivered excellent results for clients. In many cases, driving sales, boosting traffic, and encouraging readers to browse around the site.

Sam's written landing pages for various industries, including travel, real estate, cannabis, health, and SAAS. He can't wait to deliver more excellent landing pages for new clients which showcase their brand, service, and identity.

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