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Shakila E
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Shakila has a natural driven passion for writing and has been writing since she was a young girl. Her talent began with poetry, expanded to personal short stories and songwriting, and over the many years has broadened and diversified to include scientific research publications, educational and teaching material, transcribing, and various business applications ranging across marketing, human resources, and general business growth and development. She has worked with small business owners in education, medicine and health, and skincare. She has written independently as well as a part of a team for collaborative projects. While Shakila can bring to life the ever-expansive depths and mysteries and superfluous tales of the heart, mind, and imagination, she also has a keen appreciation for concise and succinct expression. Her versatility has allowed her to escape the confines of genres and to offer her writing skills across industries. Shakila is ever eager to expand the scope of her writing abilities and to help ensure that writing endeavors are brought to fruition.
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