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Eric has almost a decade of experience in B2B and B2C content writing, creative writing, editing, and SEO best practices. His goal is to connect businesses with their audiences through the use of well-researched, original, and engaging content that cuts through the noise and provides what customers are looking for.

He has worked in a number of formats, including blog posts, articles, ad copy, and social media posts, and he is always excited for the opportunity to apply that experience to fresh, new ideas.
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Eric’s specialties include B2B and B2C article writing, blogging, persuasive writing, creative writing, and organic SEO content.


Eric’s writing interests include fitness, film, literature, classic art, emerging technology, and the outdoors.

When he’s not on the job, Eric can also be found publishing short stories, taking photographs, SCUBA diving, or improving his painting skills.


South Carolina State University

Graduated summa cum laude and served as the President of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society and Captain of the Honors Debate Team.


55 Projects Completed

Eric has covered numerous topics relating to health, fitness, nutrition, and home medicine. He is a passionate hiker, SCUBA diver, rock climber, and amateur chef, and is comfortable writing for audiences of all skill and experience levels.


38 Projects Completed

Eric has written numerous articles and blog posts relating to both online and traditional marketing. He is most experienced when it comes to writing about marketing strategies for small businesses, startups, and individual entrepreneurs, but he is happy to help meet the needs of larger businesses as well.


15 Projects Completed

Eric has written about a number of hobbies, including creative writing, gaming, travel, painting, and outdoor recreation.

He prefers writing about hobbies that he is personally involved in, and enjoys bringing his passion for those pastimes into his writing.


274 Projects Completed

The bulk of Eric's content writing involves producing articles across a wide range of topics, such as health and fitness, technology, online business, and marketing. These articles typically involve search engine optimized content, proper citations, and a style that matches the tone and image of the client's business.

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18 Projects Completed

Eric has written a number of long-form blog posts in niches such as online marketing, history, hunting and outdoors, and startup strategies. He aims to create original, thought-provoking, and informative content that provides clear value to the reader.


8 Projects Completed

Eric has worked alongside traditional and digital artists to draft several successful grant proposals that have secured upwards of $10,000 in funding. While his focus is grant writing for creative fields, he also has a strong background in persuasive writing and independent research that would be an asset to any grant writing assignment.

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