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Susette has a masters degree in natural resources and a bachelors in business administration. She writes SEO friendly articles on a wide variety of topics, from business management and marketing to water issues, health, sustainable living, and eco-friendly products. In the past, she has published news articles on industries and company profiles, and written newsletters for small organizations. Her career background has included organizational development, public relations, marketing, and education. Now she mainly writes. She has traveled extensively, mostly to third world countries. Through her own writing and copywriting for others, Susette hopes to encourage people to live healthier lives in greater harmony with the earth and its other inhabitants.


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Industry Projects

  • Green Products50+
  • Consumer Goods50+
  • Business20+
  • Utilities20+
  • Green Living20+
  • Agriculture10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Green Products

Susette has written numerous product comparisons and descriptions, as well as articles on green services and how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Topics covered include water-efficient fixtures and home supply systems, hydroponic gardening, water use surveys, houseplants, humidifiers, filters, Amazon's Green Store, and more.

Consumer Goods

Mostly focusing on products that use water (so far), Susette's 1000+ word articles give the benefits of the product, its developmental history, and what to watch for in purchasing the product.

She has also written 25-30 web content blurbs of 300-500 words each and numerous shorter ones, enticing readers to purchase a variety of products, such as men's hair salon services, oil pumps, home improvement, vasectomies, business travel services, and computer education.


For four years, Susette wrote business contract proposals, contract report templates, and market research reports for a small consultancy in the water industry.

For a few years before that she also summarized international marketing reports written by the US Department of Commerce for manufacturers being trained by the state of CA in how to market their goods overseas. She has developed a unique manufacturer's (200) directory for an economic development agency, and has published news articles about various businesses and industries in the past.


Susette developed and tested contract report templates, including technical sheets on numerous water saving devices. She also edited final reports of water use surveys conducted on hotels/resorts and public buildings (schools, libraries, city halls) all over Southern California for two leading water utilities. And she has written articles describing public programs sponsored by water utilities.

Green Living

Susette has written close to 20 online articles about efficient use and renewable supply of water and electricity. She has also written articles about health maintenance, a few do-it-yourself types of articles, and some on pollution, home gardening, and contributing to the greater good.


Susette has written two published newspaper articles (one on the health of the timber industry in Oregon, the other about onions and import ban) and several articles online covering such topics as: Bacterial speck, how plants get water, school gardens, indoor agriculture, and devices like irrigation controllers, nozzles, and moisture meters. She has also written several unpaid articles about designing drought tolerant landscapes.

Product Projects

  • Web Page100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Article50+
  • Data Sheet20+
  • Newsletter Content5

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Susette regularly writes webpage content covering a variety of topics. Her pieces range from 10-blurb projects (80 words each) to single articles up to 2,000 words in length. Topics covered have included: Air conditioning services, gardening, restaurants, vasectomies, men's hair salon services, business travel arrangements, awards and plaques, web design, water fixtures, water pollution, how the rain cycle works, how water affects health, and more.

Blog Post

Susette excels in writing 400-600 word blogs that are informative, interesting, and well received. Most of them are published under her own name as a guest blogger. Topics have included tips for writers, suggestions for marketing agencies, marketing ideas for small businesses, legal matters, and others.


Susette writes 500-2,000 word articles online on topics ranging from product or service reviews to descriptions of how the water cycle works, or how the kidneys function in the human body. All articles are well researched and SEO friendly. She has also written hard-print newspaper articles that were profiles of companies and industries.

Data Sheet

For utilities in Southern California, Susette has written and/or edited a number of data sheets describing Water Smart-labelled fixtures, showing data on a customer's actual use of their older fixtures, and calculating how much they could save by using a more efficient one. She also researched and developed an online/print directory of manufacturers in the Greater Antelope Valley, consisting of business details of over 200 companies - the first of its kind for the area.

Newsletter Content

Most newsletters are written by nonprofit organizations. Susette has worked with nonprofit organizations for thirty years or more. She is an expert at newsletter publication, not just in choosing and writing articles, but also in arranging and printing entire newsletters. Most, but not all of it was volunteer work.

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