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Tom's writing experience is broad-based. He is a subject matter expert on real estate title issues and real estate. His legal research and writing skills coupled with basic investigative work offer him a comprehensive set of skills in the research, analysis and writing of a penumbra of issues -- legal and otherwise. He is adept at writing about a variety of fields: medicine and pharmaceutical, consumer settings, construction, non-profit development, non-profit RPF's processes, landscape, government SBA and DOD RFP responses. His writing is tailored to the audience, whether the educated industry reader looking for a white paper, industry collateral or basic consumer looking for a fresh and straightforward quick read.
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His writing specialties vary from a classic, in-depth white paper to a simple one hundred work blog post and are driven by the client's need in a particular setting. A magazine article on food and travel will be a completely different style than would a white paper to industry leadership explaining the recent major change in the applicable law as to that field. The topic and the assignment drive the discussion as to specialty, style, level of word choice, and final product.


Tom's interests are varied. He enjoys all things marine, enjoys snorkeling and diving. He belongs to a foundation whose mission it is to protect existing habitats. A former skier, he is taking time out for a little knee and hip work. Raised the son of a cookbook editor and world traveler, Tom often drafts unsolicited articles when he makes a special find in a hidden corner of the planet. As you can see, he enjoys a puzzle and uses his legal education in application to other areas in the name of solving the puzzle. While at the University, he owned and operated a landscape company. He continues to have an eye for enhancing natural beauty.


The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas School of Law

The University of San Diego


1,200 Projects Completed

Tom Dunlap attended one of the top-rated law schools in the globe, participated in moot court and rigorous legal research and writing program with Legal Research, Analysis and Writing may be his forte in an ability to be concise and effective to a variety of audiences. A person of varied interests, his analytical ability is best able to inform his written product to the specific audience or level of interest in the read.

He has prepared countless motions and Memoranda of Law on State, Federal as well as administrative matters. In the legal arena, his true strength is taking a set of facts, researching as needed, and applying that research to deliver as comprehensive or concise as the client might require. Tom prides himself on a good outcome in a timely deliverable that requires little follow-up by the client.

Real Estate

500 Projects Completed

Tom is both a former attorney and real estate broker. He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in transactional matters, title issues and a wide variety of specialized topics: easements, buyer/seller negotiations, commentary on the supply/demand issues and the impact on the market. His professional awards in sales in real estate document his ability to see the big picture while focusing on the client’s end goal providing a best outcome with the least risk and on time.

His writing style in real estate spans the spectrum of writing technical jargon that explains the situation to the lay audience so to provoke a sustained interest in further researching, exploration like a blog or website copy might provoke the reader to engage with contact information-seeking further assistance.

Equally, Tom can be at ease in drafting a white paper or similar document that is targeted to the colleague or professional audience where the terminology and subject matter might be direct to the intended audience. In this case, one broker has a strong skill set and is looking for a specialized referral.


450 Projects Completed

A solid numbers person, Tom Dunlap stays up to date on the latest trends in the financial industry for the benefit of his clients. His past work includes a great deal of business organization consultations, and he enjoys mapping a successful forecast for the client in terms of the written work that accompanies a solid spreadsheet analysis.
Tom particularly enjoys taking the complicated and reducing it into something understandable.
His best work involves the many varied needs of the consumer to find a quick answer online. Provoke the reader to go further, engage and convert.

Blog Post

1,500 Projects Completed

Tom has written hundreds of blog posts varying from civil rights to Women in Defense to Real Estate to a variety of consumer-oriented matters. In addition, he has written and maintained blog postings for more than 10 years for various real estate, title, and law firms.

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