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Esther L is a professional writer and editor, with a master's degree in English and nearly two decades of experience. She has created thousands of articles, blog posts and essays on a wide range of topics. She is currently an active researcher, writer and know-it-all on topics related to environmental issues, books and literature, marketing, SEO, software development and technical documentation, website design, content management, and more. As a professional writer, she creates content that engages readers and keeps them coming back for more!


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Industry Projects

  • Technology1,000+
  • Entertainment1,000+
  • Green Living1,000+
  • Marketing100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Esther has worked in every aspect of technology writing and publishing--from interviewing Subject Matter Experts to writing online help, technical documentation, system administration manuals and training guides. She has also written and distributed marketing materials and other collateral resources related to technology.


Esther is a columnist, site editor, and blogger. Over the last two decades, she has researched, fact checked, written and edited articles. She has also uploaded final articles and blog posts to content management systems, coded HTML, and utilized search engine optimization keywords and techniques for a number-one rank in Google.

Green Living

Esther's life is the best example for "green living." She has had the pleasure and opportunity to work with a number of different organizations, in the green living and sustainability industries.She has provided marketing materials, built web sites, launched social media campaigns, written blog posts, contributed articles (and many other types of website content, developed multimedia presentations and worked on many other projects--to support organizational goals. She has worked with so many different topic areas related to green living--from food and farming concerns, sustainable living, water preservation/conservation, etc.


Marketing has played a part in many of the jobs Esther has held, whether it be for the formal titles like Communications Manager or Marketing Manager, or for the freelance writing and editing projects she's produced. She enjoys the process and experience of engaging with her audience.

Product Projects

  • Press Release1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Esther has written, edited and distributed press releases for clients (and employers) in many industries.

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