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Kara M
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Joined 11/30/2021
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A six-star WriterAccess talent with a proven track record of consistency, proficiency, and the ability to adapt to and write for any audience within any genre, Kara is a highly sought-after writer with the knowledge, drive, and enthusiasm to take your project to the next level. But let's go back to where it all started...

Kara began writing stories before she hit the first grade. In the early days, her brother was forced into performing scripted puppet shows from behind the living room couch for a compliant if not enthusiastic parental audience. At the age of ten, she won an essay contest that awarded her $1,000,000 for one day. After being driven, with the other winners, to the local Burger King in a limousine, she began to think this whole "writer thing" might be worth exploring. In high school, when her first short story was published, she knew there was no turning back. Now a lot older, a little taller, and armed with an M.S. in Television Writing from Boston University, she tells stories for a living, and is ready and waiting to help you tell yours.

An award-winning screenwriter, her original comedy pilots and short films have won and placed in various national and international film festivals and writing competitions. As a production coordinator and creative assistant, she has provided coverage, notes, polishes, and edits for scripts and pitches in all stages of development.

Kara puts her media savvy and SEO Certification to use daily through work for various web-based companies and platforms. She has managed social media for a Broadway-bound new musical and written for a popular entertainment and travel website. Through WriterAccess, she has created emails, media campaigns, and email content for Fortune 100 tech companies, reviewed and reported on destinations around the world for various travel outlets, and created blog and website content for numerous pet care, gardening, and lifestyle brands.

Though her skills and experience are diverse, one common thread connects all of Kara's work: her unbridled passion for telling a good story. Whether writing a screenplay, or reviewing snow tires, Kara strives to connect with her target audience, convey important information in an approachable manner, and engage the reader in a lasting way. She would love the opportunity to help you do the same.
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