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She began writing while in junior high school, creating a perfect world that did not exist outside of her vivid imagination.
Ghostwriting is one of her considerations for work.
Each character is based upon someone known yet portrayed as a mirror image to reflect an entirely opposite persona.
Anyone reading her work would never know it was they she was writing about.
Being an animal lover and lifetime owner of both dogs and cats, she has written different articles on pet care and training. Some areas include adoption and training, multiple pet households, and grieving when a pet dies.
Clippings of her work were lost and the task of replacing them has begun.
She has worked in healthcare since 1996 and continues to care for people in their homes while pursuing a full-time career in writing.
Being a caregiver is not an easy role to take on, whether you are working for an agency or caring for a loved one.
She has collaborated with a homecare website with tips on keeping loved ones at home as long as possible.
She enjoys researching new topics and welcomes a challenge. Her most recent project was writing a blog post for a plastic surgery center.
As a Christian, sharing the gospel has become the forefront of her own blog.
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Health Supplements


Blogging is her main passion and healthcare is the industry she has worked in for 25 years.
She is the author of the novel The Edge Of Lonely available on Amazon.
Healthy living is at the forefront when sharing her expertise on home care, as is remaining active in order to continue living independently.
Pet care is another subject she has written on. Namely cats and dogs of all breeds.
DIY projects are becoming more popular and she has blogged on creating a home workshop.
Need to lose a few pounds? This writer has battled the bulge and won, sharing her weight-loss journey and what it takes to keep it off.
She is a Christian who has devoted a blog to share the gospel and what it means to live a Christian life.


She loves to cook and create new recipes that fill you up but won't drag you down.
A musician since the age of 5, she enjoys singing, playing the piano, harmonica, and kalimba.
She picked up crocheting and is thoroughly hooked on it.
Her pets are part of the family and caring for them is a priority. They eat the best food available, which is homemade.
Residing in a small home, organizing and utilizing space is important and she has offered tips on this task some avoid.
She likes to save money and prepares her own cleaning solutions.
Why hire out when you can do it yourself? She has done her own landscaping and loves to garden.


Kaplan University

Graduated with a 3.86 GPA
Unable to secure an internship and was subsequently denied employment due to a lack of working experience.


25 Projects Completed

This writer has been taking a course on nutrition and studies independently as well.
Nutrition is very important from birth on and should not be taken lightly.
Today's society is focused on fast food, not nutritious food, which has been the foremost cause of obesity everywhere.
If more families focused on eating a whole food, mainly plant-based diet the majority of type 2 diabetes cases would drastically decline.
This writer believes that food can be used to heal a number of diseases and reduce the number of prescription medications that are so quickly prescribed to the vast majority.


4 Projects Completed

As a home care professional for the past 25 years, this is one subject this writer knows a lot about.
Time management, managing medication, keeping the home safe and accessible is very important and are taken seriously.
If you own a website devoted to elderly care, this is the writer to hire.

Health Supplements

4 Projects Completed

Using health supplements is something to take seriously and she does extensive research on all products promoted on her site or other websites.
If a supplement does not seem healthy she will not promote it. In fact, she has given negative reviews on products or services to inform her readers and keep them protected.

Blog Post

126 Projects Completed

Blogging is this writer's forte and one she can take anywhere. Give her a subject and watch her run with it. Looking for a title that lures them in?
WordPress is her desired platform for blogging and SEO is no problem. She knows what search engines are looking for and it isn't in the tags. She has the formula for the perfect blog post that will catch a reader's eye and keep them there.
Must-read content, mixed with the image(s) that will get them to return for more.
Provide her with your idea or product and what you want to achieve and leave the content to her.


50 Projects Completed

This writer has created many different types of advertisements. Landing pages, business cards, email promotions, and banner ads are all conducive ways to promote a business or product.
A good landing page is where your customer will decide whether they will purchase your product/service even before they choose to find out more by clicking through to the next page.
A good banner ad will grab your customers' attention and compel them to click on it to learn more.
A well-written email will get a prospective customer to visit your site Combine this with an effective landing page and the sale is made!

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