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Nikole has over a year's worth of experience writing steller SEO-optimized content. She enjoys writing about science, pets, wellness, and mental health. She writes everything from short blog posts to long-form articles and web content, and she adds a humourous twist on heavy subject matters to keep readers engaged. Nikole is passionate about writing and getting awesome ideas out into the world. She never misses a deadline, has excellent communication skills, and loves learning new skills to hone her craft every single day.
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As a writer with a biological science background, Nikole specializes in several niches that pull from science. This includes pets and veterinary care, mental health, nutrition, and wellness. She writes articles that educate and inform the readers, while still optimizing for SEO and driving the audience toward a compelling call to action.


Outside of writing nonfiction, Nikole enjoys writing in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

Non-writing hobbies include:
Hiking the beautiful PNW
Mushroom hunting
Wildlife rehabilitation
Being a puppy and kitten foster mom
Reading anything and everything
Cooking and baking experiments
Throwing paint at canvases


Oregon State University

Majored in biology and minored in chemistry. Focused on health sciences and human and animal biology.


20 Projects Completed

Nikole takes the most recent research in the areas of biology, psychology, and medicine and breaks them down into interesting and digestible blogs and articles for the layperson. This content educates, entertains, and stokes critical thinking in her readers.


20 Projects Completed

Nikole pulls from her biological sciences background to write thorough, informative, and science-backed information on how to eat healthily for any fitness goal. This includes weightlifting nutrition, weight loss diets, and general healthy lifestyle tips.


15 Projects Completed

Nikole pulls from over five years of experience in the veterinary industry to write highly informative and relevant content about pets. Her content covers everything from pet care and training to veterinary care and common pet illnesses. She focuses on cats and dogs but is also knowledgeable about birds and exotic pets.


10 Projects Completed

Nikole uses the most recent research to educate about the use of CBD and cannabis. She writes about the plant's medical benefits and mental health benefits. She also writes lifestyle content about cannabis as well as CBD product reviews.


5 Projects Completed

Nikole writes a personal blog that takes a humorous approach to mental health and lifestyle. Her writing aims to educate and spread awareness about the unique issues we face in today's weird world.

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149 Projects Completed

Nikole maintains a personal blog and regularly contributes ghostwritten content to over a dozen websites in her niches, including health and wellness blogs, nutrition blogs, pet and veterinary blogs, and cannabis and CBD blogs.

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