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Marilyn has been a writer on Medium for three years and on NewBreak for one. She has a following of 2.5k and 550, respectively. Her content covers a wide range of subjects including spirituality, animal rights, the environment, relationships, and of course, COVID-19.

Marilyn holds a Master's Degree from Tufts University and over 30 years in the medical field. In addition, she was a certified hypnotist with her own practice. She is adept at researching and translating complex material into easy to understand terms.

At the present time, Marilyn and a group of concerned citizens are in the process of writing a grant to revive the depleted tree canopy in her hometown. This requires planning, organization, and the ability to garner grassroots supports from her community to maintain the trees.

Marilyn was a producer at her local cable station and has conducted on-air interviews as well as those taped for television.

In addition to being a writer, Marilyn is a spiritual medium, yoga practitioner, and dance enthusiast with a background in ballet. She is grandmother to three cat mother to two.
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Marilyn's specialties include animal rights, particularly the plight of captive dolphins and orcas, who are a member of the dolphin family. She is also a cat lover but is concerned with the welfare and treatment of all living creatures.

Marilyn is concerned with reducing the amount of plastic in the environment, especially the ocean, water rights, and saving and planting trees.

As a certified spiritual medium, Marilyn has a deep interest in spiritual matters. She describes herself as spiritual, but not religious and considers Spirit the great uniter.

Marilyn was raised by a mother who some describe as an Emily Post, and therefore has a thing or two to say about manners.

Marilyn is also a memoirist who writes about her life, relationships, and the rewards and challenges of being a part of a family.


Marilyn has been a Spiritualist for over 20 years and as such, is a medium and reiki practitioner.

Marilyn loves dancing of all sorts and has studied ballet and ballroom dance.

As a certified yoga instructor, Marilyn is an avid yogi, practicing several times a week.

Marilyn loves music and movies, old and new.


Tufts University School of Medicine

Marilyn received her degree in Health Communication in May, 1998.


20 Projects Completed

Marilyn is the mother of two cats and publishes articles on them and their behaviors, tendencies, and way to mollify them. She addresses cats' personalities with humor, but also knowledge.

As a child, Marilyn's cats were able to go outdoors safely and enjoyed being free in nature, climbing trees, and roaming swamps. She now lives in a high-traffic area. She successfully weaned her cats off of the outdoor life to a successful indoor transition.

Many of Marilyn's cats have lived into their 20s and she is familiar with the symptoms of ailments that plague her beloved pets as they go from maturity to old age. Both of her cats are considered "mature" and lead contented lives.


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Marilyn has been a Spiritualist for 20 years and a medium for 18 of those. She is certified by her church, where she lectures and does readings on a regular basis.

Although she is not a professional medium, she has done public demonstrations. Her messages bring words of comfort and proof that life continues after the change we call death.

Marilyn is also a reiki practitioner and certified healer at her church. She believes that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience and that all life is connected.


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Marilyn has worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. She currently works in a major hospital in the Boston area, focusing on research.

Marilyn holds a Master's Degree in Health Communications from Tufts University and is able to translate complex material into understandable writing. She currently uses her knowledge to research various health topics and publish on Medium.

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Marilyn has been using Facebook since its inception and is active on it several times a day. She has used it to build her audience of followers on Medium and Newsbreak through advertising campaigns.

Marilyn has both a profile, for her personal posts, and a page that she uses for her published writing.

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