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Kandy began blogging back in the Salad Days of the online blog, back when a few people were still quaintly referring to it as "web blogging". That was nearly 13 years ago, and she hasn't stopped blogging since. While it began as a fun pastime, her online journal built up a following of readers/voyeurs, and it wasn't long before she realized that she wanted to write for a living. As foolhardy as this endeavor seemed, she pushed forward and was hired as a reporter for a series of upstate New York weekly newspapers, and within a couple of years of honing her journalistic skills, she found herself in the enviable (albeit frustrating) position of being offered almost more work than she could handle. During her time as a local news journalist, she wrote countless articles on a variety of topics including local government and elections, events, art gallery openings, interesting local personalities, environmental issues, and town/village board coverage. She also wrote a monthly column for a local daily paper focusing on small businesses, real estate, and towns of interest. Most recently, Kandy has been writing for a popular upstate New York real estate/lifestyle blog. Kandy has over a decade's worth of experience not only writing for her own pleasure, but for the pleasure of others, and both remain equally fulfilling.
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Kandy's specialties include blogging for laughs, music, newspaper journalism, real estate writing, health, and the arts.


Kandy has a degree in music with a focus on classical voice performance from the University of Michigan and has been performing on stage since the age of five. Currently working as a private voice and piano teacher/performing musician and writer, Kandy also enjoys writing comedy sketches, exploring ruins, looking at real estate listings for houses she'll never be able to afford, and playing Scrabble.


University of Michigan

Kandy studied classical voice in college, and performed in a variety of university shows, as well as community theater productions. She also studied German, French, and Italian, and took lessons in piano.

Real Estate

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Kandy writes for a popular upstate New York blog that focuses not only on properties, but locales and lifestyle. Every week, she chooses one town in the area and gives the reader a tour, complete with information on where to shop, what to eat, things to see, the condition of the real estate market, and whether they can get around without a car. Additionally, she chooses a number of note-worthy (AKA drool-worthy) properties in that town and describes their virtues and, when necessary, provides a dose of reality on whether the house needs some improvements. Kandy also stays in contact with local real estate agents and can speak knowledgeably on the local real estate market.


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Kandy was born in Alaska, schooled in Michigan, and has lived in or traveled to a multitude of cities and towns all over the United States, thanks in part to four cross-country road trips over the past 15 years. She's finally settled in upstate New York, but the travel bug continuously bites, compelling her to use any and all free time driving around, looking for new and interesting places in which to get lost.

Kandy's parlayed her love of exploring upstate New York's stunning natural beauty with her passion for drooling over outstanding homes and properties into blogging. Currently, she's a daily contributor to an upstate New York real estate website that also focuses on arts, lifestyle, and culture. Further, she is the upstate New York columnist for a popular Brooklyn-based real estate blog. Her Friday column combines unique properties with local events, culture, and flavor, thereby making Kandy the de facto tour guide for city-dwellers seeking a weekend in the country.

On WriterAccess, Kandy has written many travel-related assignments, including a guide to her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, as well as small towns, resort destinations, study-abroad programs, and much more.


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When it comes to her life's passions, food takes a prominent place at the top of Kandy's list. A self-taught cook with a penchant for kitchen improvisation, Kandy has been a caterer, private chef, and her family's short order cook for over a decade. For her, writing about food is almost as satisfying as cooking and eating it.

Kandy is a also vegetarian who specializes in crafting recipes that are fresh, healthy, and delicious. For WriterAccess, she has written a number of assignments focusing on food and wine parings, summer grill recipes, and holiday fare, as well as maintaining optimum digestive health.


6 Projects Completed

Kandy wishes she would hit the lottery soon so she can start seeing a lot more movies in the theater. Meanwhile, she'll just have to content herself with her painstakingly-crafted Netflix queue and writing scathing movie reviews for the delight and entertainment of her personal blog followers.

For WriterAccess, Kandy has written about superhero movies. Someday, when she grows up, she hopes that someone will pay her to write about just exactly that all day long.


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