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Writing and creating marketing campaigns describes the essence of Yvette's career over the last 35 years. She's consistently worked with Fortune 500 companies and everyday name brands in categories as diverse as software and technology to toys and power tools. B2B and B2C. In some cases, both for the same client.
How can you successfully write for such diverse brands as Barbie and Makita Power Tools? By applying common sense frameworks to every conversation. Yvette's keys to success are:
1. Understanding her client's product(s) and their competitive place in the market
2. Being clear on the pain points of the buyers the client trying to reach
3. Confirming where the buyers are in the customer journey

She then builds the narrative (and ideally a call to action to move them to the next step in the journey) to match the platform's best practices.
Cloud Computing
Web Page


Yvette's core competency is as a copywriter. She is specifically effective at campaign-related content, from sell sheets, web pages, and sales pages to email nurture streams and direct response funnels.

Clients benefit from her growth mindset as she's constantly looking to integrate best practices and improvements into her projects.

As a result, clients typically see increased engagement and forward movement along the customer journey due to her efforts. That's why they keep coming back.


As a creative, Yvette's interests are broad. Connecting previously unconnected dots is a hobby. She's a superfan of many areas that impact her writing, such as:
1. Understanding generational differences and how they are evolving as the generations age
2. Evolving technology, from martech to AI, and how it's creating disruptive business models while also reducing friction for consumer engagement.
3. Trends. In consumer goods, technology, culture, business. Of course, the impact of the pandemic and how it will affect us going forward, from hybrid workplaces to better work-life balance.
4. Promotions, gamification, and direct response. Yvette never fails to engage with a compelling promotional offer.

Unsurprisingly, Yvette subscribes to too many newsletters and is a voracious reader of as many as possible.

Yvette is also a huge hockey fan, specifically, a sports fan in general. Her sports resume includes negotiating 7 figure deals with MLS, including the first jersey sponsor ever for the Columbus Crew; creating collaborations with MLB and MLS teams; and teaching sports clubs how to market and create their own sponsorship deals.

Yvette's favorite in-person sports moments were seeing the Ducks become the first California team to hoist the Stanley Cup,
taking clients to the Super Bowl, watching the Angels in the World Series, and crying at Magic Johnson's (first) retirement ceremony.


250 Projects Completed

Observing a movement from the beginning gives you a profoundly different perspective. Yvette has stood alongside clients in the software industry as they evolved into SaaS businesses. The experience was not unlike seeing her clients in the music publishing industry try to reconcile how to fit MP3's into their business model. Yvette's strength in copywriting is simplifying the messaging so that it resonates with the intended audience. This strength is evident in all her work.


200 Projects Completed

You can't develop ideas and write copy for brands as diverse as Barbie and Makita power tools unless you've got a strong underlying skillset.

That's Yvette. After creating and writing the marketing campaign copy for Mattel brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Disney, and Nickelodeon, and then high profile licensed toys like Star Trek and Gundam, she applies the same skills to the power tools market with Makita, for both B2C and B2B audiences. Other brands in the space took notice, as she added Glidden, MOEN to the client roster.

What makes the copy succeed? Her innate ability to connect the benefit of her client's product or service with the pain and desire of the target audience. She meets the audience where they are, like a woke parent talking to a teen.

Reach out to find out what Yvette can do for your brand.

Cloud Computing

10 Projects Completed

Everyone talks about the cloud, but the remaining resisters have now dug in their heels. Yvette understands that the only way to get them to change is to press harder on messaging like FOMO, falling behind the competition.

Vendors selling cloud services need to do better. Differentiate your services. Tell real stories about cloud benefits in ways that resonate with their audiences.

Plus, share benefits based on roles. What matters to IT is entirely different than the c-suite. Your messaging likely needs to address both.

Reach out to Yvette if you're interested in breathing fresh life into your communications, and want your benefits to resonate with your different audiences.

Yvette possesses an innate ability to connect the benefit of her client's product or service with the pains and desires of different target audiences. She loves absorbing buyer personas and works best when knowing what stage of the customer journey you're focused on.

Reach out to find out what she can do for your brand.

Web Page

73 Projects Completed

Yvette has successfully developed web page copy for clients in categories ranging from B2B SaaS to CPGs.

Her strength is writing (or reworking existing) web pages to better speak to ideal customer personas. She's skilled in writing campaign landing pages, product service pages, and even sales funnel pages.


17 Projects Completed

Yvette has created scripts and slides for multiple webinars. Some, as free top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) evergreen content, and some as training resources for marketers in specific verticals.
No matter the purpose, the content always resonates as engaging and informative. She uses best practices derived from multiple sources ranging from Russell Brunson's Perfect Webinar Script to Andy Raskin's Great Sales Deck I've Ever Seen to ensure that the prospect is informed, engaged, and driven to take action.

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