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Yvette B
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Writing and creating marketing campaigns describes the essence of Yvette's career over the last 35 years. She's consistently worked with Fortune 500 companies and everyday name brands in categories as diverse as software and technology to toys and power tools. B2B and B2C. In some cases, both for the same client.
How can you successfully write for such diverse brands as Barbie and Makita Power Tools? By applying common sense frameworks to every conversation. Yvette's keys to success are:
1. Understanding her client's product(s) and their competitive place in the market
2. Being clear on the pain points of the buyers the client trying to reach
3. Confirming where the buyers are in the customer journey

She then builds the narrative (and ideally a call to action to move them to the next step in the journey) to match the platform's best practices.
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