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Brooke P. has been writing for the web for more than five years. She has a passion for sharing credible information on various topics, including addiction, health and wellness, and SaaS.

As a professional content specialist, Brooke never underestimates the power of detailed research and presenting information in a down-to-earth way.
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Brooke specializes in writing for the web. Using a combination of SEO best practices and an authoritative voice, she has helped companies gain more leads through well-crafted content.

Some of the writing services Brooke provides include:

lead page writing/design
email marketing
editing & proofreading
sales copy
landing pages


Brooke is an avid fiction reader. When she is not reading about magical worlds, she is likely to teach or take a yoga class, spend time outdoors in beautiful Northern Michigan, or spend time with her family and friends.

Brooke combines her love for storytelling and grounded attitude to write about things that matter and help companies increase their leads with her authoritative but down-to-earth content.


Michigan Tech University

Brooke earned her bachelor's of science in Scientific & Technical Communications. This gave her a rounded experience in writing about a technical subject matter such as software and engineering while also giving her design and usability experience.


1,000 Projects Completed

Since 2017, Brooke has written various health content focusing on addiction treatment, substance abuse causes, and the effects of addiction on individuals and their loved ones.

Brooke is passionate about providing consumable content on these highly personal and often harrowing substance abuse situations.

Other topics covered include mental health disorders, including major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, and more.

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100 Projects Completed

Blogging is one of Brooke's favorite types of content to write. She enjoys providing informational content in a relatable and authoritative way.


50 Projects Completed

Brooke loves to research a wide variety of topics. She enjoys writing baby showers to IIOT topics and anything in between.

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Brooke has written many landing pages to help companies develop their brand authority and gain the trust of their audience.

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