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Amber has over seven years of experience as a content writer. Through working with various marketing agencies, she has developed a knack for writing in various tones, on a multitude of subjects and can write both short-form and long-form content.

Her experience is not limited to merely creating captivating content. She also has a strong background in SEO, giving her the edge that you need to help drive organic traffic to your site.
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Amber has multiple specialties due to her vast amount of experience. These include:
- Web content writing
- Blogging
- SEO writing
- SEO research
- Copywriting

Amber has also written web copy for landing pages, product descriptions, and the occasional event blurb. She has completed research to produce long-form articles that are backed by scientific research studies as well as fun articles that are guaranteed to make you smile.


Amber has a wide array of interests that help her create content from a unique perspective instead of spinning articles.

Although she is now a writer, she previously majored in Social Work in college. This included an extensive amount of learning regarding psychology, lifespan human development, and various general education topics, such as religion. It fueled her passion for psychology-related topics, such as behavioral health and mental illness.

Amber has a passion for beauty and skincare. She stays up to date on the latest trends and research. (Her DIY vanity is something she is immensely proud of.) She has a vast amount of personal experience in the industry, which helps her bring a fresh spin to articles to make them stand out in a competitive market.

Parenting is also one of her passions. She is a mother to an 18-year-old, 15 year old, and a seven-year-old. Her grandson is a toddler. This, combined with previous experience as a daycare teacher, a babysitter, and a caregiver, give her a unique view on parenting topics that you simply won't find anywhere else.

Although these are her areas of passion, her writing career is not limited to only those topics. She loves to help people and loves to write. She has also written on topics such as these:
- Home remodeling
- Gambling
- Topics in the adult niche
- Furniture
- Luxury watches
- Knitting
- Fashion
- Pest control
- Plumbing
- Fire extinguishers
- Crafts
- Lawncare
At this point in her career, Amber is confident that she can write on any topic except for science and technology. (Writing blogs on nanoscopes are not her strong suit.)


Clark State Community College


100 Projects Completed

Amber has an extensive amount of both personal and professional experience as a writer on kids and family. She has three children and a grandson of her own. Previously, she has written blogs on parenting, including blogs that use best SEO practices to help a website receive organic traffic from search engines.

Real Estate

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Amber has previously written several blogs for the real estate sector. For example, she has written blogs on tips to help a house sell faster, how to increase curb appeal, and ways to increase the value of your home.


16 Projects Completed

Amber is a beauty enthusiast. She has written blog articles on beauty, makeup and skincare. Writing product reviews are never a problem. She recently launched her own website that is all about beauty.

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434 Projects Completed

With seven years of experience working with marketing agencies under her belt, Amber has more than likely written far more than 400 blogs. These blogs have been written on every topic imaginable, and probably a few that you can't imagine.

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