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Daniil T
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Daniil graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked in the Aerospace/Defense industry for 8+ years, possesses a wide range of technical expertise, and currently runs a digital publishing company.

He has written thousands of articles throughout the years for both his own websites & clients and loves to write on the side -- especially when it comes to advanced technical topics (i.e. computer science, programming, engineering, marketing, web development, information technology, and search engine optimization).


Daniil's specialties include advanced technical topics that require formal certification & training, including but not limited to:

* Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Systems)
* Computer Science (Programming, Development, C#, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP)
* Marketing (Search Engine Optimization / SEO, Web Monetization, Advertising, Content Marketing)

Daniil also enjoys writing about his hobbies, which include:

* Music (Piano, Guitar, Alto Saxophone)
* Outdoors (Hiking, Snowboarding, Skiing)

In addition to writing, Daniil is also a capable graphic designer, having to create and choose custom images for his website portfolio often. You can view Daniil's custom image-design work in the provided portfolio samples.

In his free time, Daniil enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including snowboarding, hiking, and biking, and is an expert pianist (17+ years piano experience) as well as an avid guitar player.

He has a wide variety of extracurricular hobbies, including gardening, music (piano/guitar), snowboarding, skiing, hiking, outdoor activities, gaming, and programming.


>> Business Experience:

Daniil currently runs a digital publishing company and has started multiple small businesses in the past decade. He has the experience and knowledge to write on business-related topics, whether that's finance/accounting, hiring, business planning, or culture.

>> Web Development Experience:

Daniil currently runs a digital publishing company that owns dozens of domains and has helped develop and launch these websites firsthand. He has extensive experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, and knows the ins and outs of web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS's), and server management.

>> Engineering Experience:

Daniil has worked in the Aerospace/Defense industry for 6+ years, and has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Using his education & industry experience, Daniil is one of the few writers available who is qualified to write on advanced technical topics.

Throughout his career, he has worked on various design engineering projects, using CAD Software (SolidWorks, Fusion), CAM, CNC Machining, Laser Cutting, and Milling.

Daniil has experience with Shape Memory Alloys (worked on a project funded by NASA to deploy a space vehicle using Nickel-Titanium [NiTi]), and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

>> Software Development, Computer Science Experience, & SaaS:

Daniil learned his first programming language (Visual Basic / VBasic) at a very young age, and then proceeded to start a software company out of college (related to automation); he sold 1,500+ copies of his software during his college years and has pursued programming/development projects on the side in his spare time.

Daniil is proficient in C#, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and PHP, having worked with developers and personally written dozens of applications.

For his own business, he is a customer of numerous marketing SaaS products (Software as a Service), and possesses the technical expertise required to write detailed software guides.

Within the past decade, Daniil started a Software Automation Company, and successfully marketed & sold 1,500+ copies of his software online.

Although his company's application was developed in Java, Daniil is knowledgeable in C#, Python, and Web Development (PHP, CSS, HTML).

>> Marketing Experience:

Daniil currently runs a digital publishing company as well as an online guitar lesson platform, both of which require consistent marketing to run and operate.

For his own projects, Daniil does the following:
* Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads)
* Influencer Marketing (Outreach, Forming Relationships)

With his past marketing experience, Daniil is a great fit for a wide variety of marketing content.

He has experience with:
* Content & Topic Clusters
* Keyword Research & Topical Research
* Content Planning & Organization
* Hiring Writers
* Outsourcing Content & Repetitive Tasks
* Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
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