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Anna D. is a freelance writer with a background in history education. and office management. She currently specializes in informational articles and blog posts for clients across industries.

Anna draws on her background in history to thoroughly research each topic that she writes about. As a former marketing and operations manager for two businesses, she is also well versed in drafting employee and client-facing materials for small businesses.

While she is most passionate about covering issues relevant to educators, she currently writes for clients in the fitness sphere and for agencies that span a wide array of industries.
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Anna specializes in informational articles and blog posts for clients across industries. While her background in research ensures that she can successfully write in any field, Anna is most passionate about writing in the topics of education and history.

Anna specializes in completing research quickly and effectively, skills that come from her background as a historian. She simplifies academic sources for her readers, preferring to link to peer-reviewed sources instead of alternative websites that might not provide legitimate information.

Anna's background as an educator in New York City public high schools provides her with the expertise necessary to write with authority on topics related to education. Throughout her career, she has worked with students of all academic levels in grades 7-12, run professional development training for teachers in two buildings, and developed school-wide integrated curriculums in two high schools.


Anna has many interests that she loves to feature in her writing.

Anna's years working as a global history and AP World teacher in New York City public high schools highlight two of her primary interests - history and education. Anna is passionate about history and the research that accompanies it and about working with educators to better their practice in all subjects.

Anna is also a fitness enthusiast who loves writing for fitness-centric blogs and companies. Her passion for fitness began on the field hockey field, where she became a Varsity team captain until a back injury ended her career. Today, Anna enjoys working out and teaching others about how to do so safely, despite any physical or mental challenges that they face.


SUNY Geneseo

Anna graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a double major in history and communication.

Stony Brook University

Anna graduated from Stony Brook University's Master of Arts in Teaching Social Studies program with a 4.0 GPA.


100 Projects Completed

Anna's background in education derives from her master's degree in teaching social studies and her former career as a Global and AP World History teacher in a public New York City high school.

Anna taught in four NYC buildings, working with students of all academic levels in grades 7-12, significantly raising standardized exam scores in two buildings.

She ran ongoing professional development sessions for teachers in two buildings, specializing in several topics including educational technology, classroom management, and curriculum development.

Anna also developed school-wide integrated curriculums for humanities departments in two high schools.


30 Projects Completed

Anna is part of a team of writers for a well-known fitness blog, drawing on her former experience as a Varsity athlete/team captain and conducting research to author articles on a variety of topics.

Most of Anna's articles instruct on how to complete specific exercises, develop workout routines to meet specific goals, or provide information about trending topics in fitness.


20 Projects Completed

Anna previously managed two small businesses in the Hamptons, NY.

Anna spent 8 years managing the inventory and operations of a designer consignment store with five locations. In this role, she wrote marketing materials and client-facing materials, such as email campaigns, contracts, and product descriptions. She also wrote a 150-page employee handbook detailing the responsibilities of each role in the multi-location business for training and reference purposes.

Following her time at the consignment store, Anna managed a State Farm agency while attending graduate school to earn her master's degree. In addition to her role as a financial services representative, Anna was responsible for training employees, developing operational systems to keep the agency running efficiently, and delegating tasks to other employees.


100 Projects Completed

As a former educator and an award-winning research writer, Anna has a significant amount of experience writing presentations to deliver effectively deliver information to a target audience. In addition to presenting research at multiple academic conferences, Anna presented information and supplemental materials in the classroom every day and in professional development training for teachers.

Anna can provide clients with a slide deck and presentation notes on their desired topics to ensure smooth delivery in front of their audience.

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50 Projects Completed

Anna specializes in blogging, both as the author of her own blog and as a blogger for her clients. Anna's background in history education has provided her with skills that transfer easily to blogging, namely the ability to take substantial amounts of complex information and simplify them into easy-to-read posts.

Anna's love of research, writing, and learning come together in blogging, where she writes posts of any desired length to teach readers about whatever topics are of interest to her clients and their audiences.


20 Projects Completed

Anna's background in history and education provides her with the skills necessary to complete informational articles on nearly any topic. Her research skills ensure that she can support her articles with peer-reviewed academic research, citing them in the article in whichever way her clients prefer.

Anna's experience as an educator ensures that she can write with authority in education-related topics, supplementing research with her expertise and anecdotal evidence from her time as an educator in the New York City public schools.

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