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Krystine is a freelancer and solopreneur with a master's degree in communications experience in writing, blogging, and editing content on various topics for specific audiences while working with clients in engaging environments.

She comes from an extensive background that includes guest posting, SEO blogging, and content marketing while producing quality content under tight deadlines. Krystine provides excellent communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills and has earned an excellent reputation serving as a gatekeeper to many clients. She is also results-focused, tenacious, and adept at getting things done.

Her writing is clear and concise, while her editing is thoughtful and on point. Her work includes writing blog posts, articles, and product descriptions for publications like Social Babe Co., Equivity, and the Millennial Homeowner.
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Krystine has written on various topics specializing in business, working from home, writing, and freelance work.


Krystine's writing interests include business, finance, freelance work, pets, and lifestyle. Her non-writing interests include getting outdoors, walking her dogs, road trips, true crime documentaries, and Bible reading.


Grand Canyon University


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Krystine has extensive experience working in the pet industry and writing SEO content within the pet industry. Growing up with animals all her life, including seven golden retrievers all at one time, she understands the importance of your furry friends. She also has several years of writing and editing on various subjects in the industry, including but not limited to topics such as health, food, and traveling with your furry family members. With a passion for writing and making sure it covers all bases, she is good at researching the subject and getting the job done on time.

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70 Projects Completed

Krystine has significant blogging experience working with clients from various industries.

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