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Kiran has 8+ years of experience in copywriting and has worked for countless clients.
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Kiran excels in blog posts, case studies, SEO-friendly content, and email newsletters.


In her free time, Kiran enjoys binging on TV shows, traveling to new places, and spending time with her pets.


University of Warwick

Recipient of a 25% merit-based scholarship award.
Relevant courses include sales, digital marketing, business model generation, and innovation.


210 Projects Completed

Kiran has a minor in Marketing and certifications from Digital Marketer, HubSpot, and Moz. She has worked at various agencies across the globe, allowing her to hone her copywriting skills. Her areas of expertise include blogging, SEO writing, email copywriting, case studies and social posts. Additionally, she is also experienced in sales, content marketing and sales funnel management.


150 Projects Completed

Kiran is experienced at copywriting for the ecommerce industry, including product descriptions, web pages, articles, and blog posts. She focuses on SEO-informed text that will appeal to customers and please clients. She understands how to use keywords and phrases that will naturally attract traffic from search engines and tailors her writing style to suit the target audience.

Blog Post

500 Projects Completed

Kiran has written over 500 blog posts for a variety of clients over 8 years. She has written on a wide array of topics, including but not limited to finance, digital marketing, eCommerce, productivity, and technology. Working with different clients and their respective niches has allowed her to hone her writing skills and become a savvy writer who can adapt to any audience. Kiran's blog posts are always customized to her client's brand voice and tone of voice while still maintaining quality information sharing among the target audience.

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