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Renata B
Writer #59968
Joined 10/25/2021
5 Star Rating
106 Projects
1 Endorsements
0 Elite Skills
[**As of 1/21/2024, Renata is back from an extended hiatus. She is available to accept writing opportunities from clients in her niches and is looking forward to communicating with those who are serious about collaborating.**]

[**If you’re interested in assigning solo projects to Renata, please contact her via the WriterAccess messaging feature before you place your order. She prefers to determine what clients want and their goals before they send assignments to ensure they receive high-quality work and walk away satisfied. Also, she prefers to discuss deadlines with her clients, allowing them to become familiar with my punctuality and responsiveness.**]

PAY RATES: Renata’s main content types, such as articles, blog posts, and web pages, start from $0.03 per word while web page content starts at $0.06 per word. [**Scroll to her ‘Specialties’ section to view rate breakdowns for her content types.**]

With over three years of experience in content writing, Renata can implement her writing expertise and skills using the best practices. Although her main focus area is business, her secondary industries are finance and marketing.

Renata uses her exceptional research skills to help clients reach their target audiences with valuable information that meets their needs. She prefers to work with startups because they always need writers to create content that drives traffic to their businesses, converting their target audiences into customers.

Renata has a technical writing background and completed a Business and Technical Writing college course with an A grade. She specializes in writing B2B content. However, she isn't afraid to handle B2C projects, capturing clients’ brand voice and also aiming for profitability/scalability.

As a result, Renata generates high-performing content that connects to your strategic goals. She is also experienced and skilled in online research and uses her skills to handle content covering industries in various niches. She is eager to handle challenging work that requires detailed and credible research on almost any topic.

Renata maintains a record of ‘exceeded expectation’ ratings past the average WriterAccess percentage. This ensures that she’s likely to follow client assignment outlines and submit high-quality content.

As a five-star writer and ‘Rising Star’ badge-holder with expert experience, Renata charges clients 0.03 cents per word, which is the minimum. However, she does make exceptions for level 3 and level 4 assignments.

TESTIMONIALS: "Renata has not only provided consistent professional writing for us, but she does so in a timely and friendly manner. Anytime any issue comes up, she is quick to communicate the issue and work together with us to resolve it. I will be sending her work for as long as I stay on the platform and would recommend her to anyone looking for a talented, stable, friendly, and professional writer all in one."

[**Note: Aside from Renata’s main and secondary industries, she can also contribute general writing content in additional industries such as beauty, food, gardening, green living, home living, outdoors, and real estate.**]

[**Additional Note: If you’re interested in working with Renata after reading her profile information, and you think she would be a good choice to handle your orders regularly, feel free to add her to your ‘Love List’ or team to ensure she’ll receive your assignments.**]
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