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Brian B
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Brian B earned a degree in Political Science from the University of Northern Colorado, and spent nearly a decade wandering the hallowed halls of political intrigue. He has since decided that politics is for the birds and that it is a lot more fun writing in his pajamas than it is wearing a suit and tie every day. In the summer of 2012, he took up freelance writing as a full-time profession. Since then, he has secured hundreds of long-term clients. His research skills are top notch, his wit refined, and his ability to convey the desired message for his clients is astounding. His primary specialty is politics, but he has also written extensively on education, travel, business, and marketing.


He specializes in creating blog content for law firms, real estate agencies, travel providers, security agencies, HVAC repair services, home remodelers, and many more. He is skilled at creating speeches, professional correspondence, reports, and marketing documents including flyers, and promotional materials as needed.


Brian is an accomplished traveler and an avid student of the world. He has spent nearly 5 years of his life living out of his well-worn suitcases. He has learned how to order beers on 3 continents and in nearly a dozen different languages. When he is not traveling, he is reading, writing, and doing Tai Chi. He is a former staffer to US Senators, an accomplished English teacher, and he has owned three successful businesses over the years.


University of Northern Colorado

The study of politics to include historical perspective and present application.


101 Projects Completed

He has 20 years of experience being directly involved in politics and punditry. He has written speeches for elected officials, letters for public consumption, and everything in between. Indeed, his writing style in this genre is witty and often includes references to other points of interesting political discourse that are related to the topic at hand.


24 Projects Completed

He has written dozens of blogs and advertising pieces for cities throughout the world. He has promoted tourist venues throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. He has written for tour providers, travel agencies, cruise lines, casinos, and hotels. His travel pieces range from travel tips and suggestions to friendly encouragements to visit


20 Projects Completed

He has written in regard to marketing techniques and strategies for several private firms engaged in training marketing experts and professionals. Without question, he possesses the ability to describe marketing techniques and theories so that they can easily be understood and applied to everyday situations. Often, he is called upon to outline scenarios and recommend strategies for salesmen to proceed.


14 Projects Completed

He has written on several health related topics, although he admits he doesn’t always follow his own advice. He has written on the benefits of a proper diet, all the way to the benefits of having a drink at the end of the day. He doesn’t claim to be an expert, but he does do his homework before he hits the keyboard.


12 Projects Completed

He has experience running several businesses and has successfully operated these businesses through the traditional brick and mortar storefront as well as the more globalized internet. This has given him a unique perspective on modern business operations and the use of the internet as a viable growth engine for existing businesses.


0 Projects Completed

His humor is unique and his style is always witty and charming. His ability to twist the ordinary and make it extraordinary is a true asset that has often meant the difference between getting her phone number and being thrown out the door by her husband. Indeed, he can make even the solemnest of funerals a fun occasion.


100 Projects Completed

He believes that effective brochure writing requires inserting detailed information in an appealing format that encourages readers to contact the client for further information. His brochures can be bright and flowered, or short and straight to the point depending on the client's desires. Most of the brochures he has completed have included between 750-1000 words.

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