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Ann is a former Veterinary Technician who now shares her love for pets through blogging and other social media outlets.

Ann's writing includes SEO-friendly keywords, multimedia content, and more. She enjoys sharing her knowledge to help pet businesses, authors, and other bloggers succeed in their writing.

Her SEO-optimized content combined with the right keywords are sure to attract new visitors to your blog, website, or social media channels.

If you're looking for SEO-friendly articles written in a conversational tone, Ann can help.
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SEO-focused content: Writing content that is tailored to both the end-user and search engine algorithms. Outlining your key points clearly, concisely while optimizing for the keywords required to improve organic rankings.

Conversion-focused copywriting: Creating content that convinces and compels readers to take action in a logical, straightforward manner. Using persuasive language and creative techniques to produce high-caliber copy that drives conversions and produces results.

Writing for the web: Creating content that is optimized for readability across multiple mediums. Utilizing the inverted pyramid method, sub-headings, short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and concise sentences to improve content usability.


Ann enjoys writing about her experiences when she goes to new places or has unique adventures with her pets. She also enjoys speaking with other pet owners about their experiences. Additionally, Ann is a volunteer for several local animal shelters.


Virginia College of Austin

In veterinary technology, a veterinary technician is a person who provides a range of services under the supervision and direction of a veterinarian. A veterinary technician has graduated from an accredited program and earned national certification as specified by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).


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Ann is a writer and blogger specializing in pet-related topics and currently has a blog at Pawsitively Pets. Her passion for animals was fostered from an early age, as she grew up with dogs and cats and later worked as a veterinary technician, where she realized how much joy pets bring to their owners' lives.


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Ann has written several articles on insurance for different online publications. This is not her primary job, but she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others looking to learn more about the world of insurance. It is an important topic to Ann because she has seen how it can help people in times of trouble.


50 Projects Completed

Ann is an e-commerce writer interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and how they can be used to make a difference in people's lives. She writes about e-commerce news, consumer trends, and the impact of new technologies on business-to-consumer relationships. Ann is interested in using technology to drive business growth and how companies can use technology to change business today.

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Ann is a content creator who has been writing and sharing her experiences online for years, both for profit and love.

Writing blog posts is her favorite method of online publishing by far. She loves expressing her opinions and advice on topics she has researched and experienced and loves seeing how many people connect to her words.

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