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Freelancing for many clients in the past, Cai has written hundreds of articles for multiple clients. These range from SEO/Product pages, niche articles and even mainstream-styled articles.

With a research-heavy mindset, Cai researches the given genre or topic heavily to ensure that the final product is as technically accurate as possible, as well as ensuring it keeps interest for the intended target audience.

As well as working for clients, Cai has written several of his own blogs, showcasing his skills and ability to write for himself, and not just clients.

He co-authored a book that can be purchased on Amazon as well as several bookstores, where there was a book reveal event.
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Cai specialises in writing blogs, articles, product pages and short-stories. To dig deeper, the specialities in terms of niches consist of technology, business, finance, IT, sports, politics and the UK.

With that being said, the style of writing he has adopted over the years can be used within many different genres and niches of writing.

Within IT and technology, Cai has completed several IT-related qualifications, including cybersecurity and cloud-related certificates from Cisco.


Cai is heavily into fitness, as he works out 5-6 times per week. This helps him to find peace, clarity and to enter a state of flow. Fitness has helped him grow as a person, as well as pushing him out of his comfort zone, which has helped to develop his character.

Furthermore, Cai is interested in the stock market, and trading stocks. He spends a lot of time analysing stocks and deciding which stocks to invest into, where he has even written articles on LinkedIn, showcasing these discoveries.

Alongside these passions, Cai is studying Computer Science at the University of Roehampton, London. Where he is developing his technical skills.


100 Projects Completed

When it comes to music, Cai is highly skilled. Being a music producer, Cai knows a lot about how the music industry operates, works and as well as figuring out the ins and outs of the industry.

Making well over 100 different beats for personal use, as well as other artists, Cai knows how to compose music for artists, as well as mixing and mastering the vocals for them.

This developed his social skills too, having to understand how to communicate with artists, fellow producers and even playlist curators.

Cai also has a love for listening to music, with a hugely diverse mix of genres, ranging from rap, all the way to country music and everything in-between! In particular, he enjoys rap and rock, however he listens to almost every genre.

Writing articles within the music industry is something that Cai is heavily interested in, as he will get to put his talent into use.


5 Projects Completed

Within business, Cai has been writing reports for companies in his spare time, in order to brush up on his business and writing skills, being able to pull the two skills together.

When it comes to experience, Cai completed a Level 3 BTEC Business as well as a qualification in Entrepreneurship with CISCO, which provided to be valuable in terms of gaining knowledge in business, as well as being able to apply these skills into his personal life.

Relating this to writing, Cai can write technically-accurate articles, reports and content when it comes to business.


5 Projects Completed

Within IT, Cai has completed several cybersecurity and network-related certificates from both Palo Alto and Cisco.

These certificates include:
- Cisco Cybersecurity Essentials.
- Cisco Introduction to Cybersecurity.
- Cisco Entrepreneurship.
- Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Foundations.
- Level 3 BTEC IT Grade Distinction Distinction.

With the technical qualifications in IT, Cai is able to combine his writing skills with his IT-related skills to create technically-accurate articles.


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Working within the telecommunications industry, he has made sales within telecommunications, boosting the sales for network operations, as well as mobile handsets for a large UK-based telecommunication company.

With this knowledge that I have accumulated, he can apply his skills within mobile industries in order to create articles with a heavy in-depth analysis from a phone and telecommunications background.


15 Projects Completed

Cai has written many articles throughout his writing careers. Starting on a 3rd party platform, Cai wrote over 15 articles for 4 different clients, including articles for product pages, motivational articles, business-related articles, self-help and everything in-between.

His love for writing articles is immense, and has allowed him to grow as a person, as well as to expand his already existing skills and knowledge in many different industries.

Writing articles is his preferred way of writing, as the freedom of learning about all sorts of new topics is what allows him to showcase his true skills as an experienced writer.

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5 Projects Completed

Cai has a lot of experience when it comes to writing blogs. He has worked with many clients who run blog pages, where they need skilled writers who can implement SEO, keywords and well-structured posts. Cai is experienced with all of this, and can write blogs that satisfy your needs as a customer.

With writing blogs for over 5 clients, Cai has been able to sharpen his skills throughout the years, to ensure that the blogs he writes, are the most relevant, trendy and technically-accurate, whilst remaining to have comedy (if needed) and to match the needs of any of his customers and clients.


1 Projects Completed

As a keen writer, Cai has co-authored a fully published book that can be found on Amazon, as well as several bookstores within the UK.

He wrote this book alongside several other authors, as part of a project, where he and his co-authors were guided by a successful author, who helped to direct the project.

Looking forward, Cai would love to write more books, short stories, and even educational books.

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