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Kushra's educational experience includes a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and international politics, with history as an additional course in her final year. Throughout her degree, she completed various papers on many topics such as most forms of philosophy with the exception of religious philosophy, international politics papers about conflict resolution, and political philosophy. Kushra's experience regarding history also includes her degree and history papers completed throughout her degree, specifically focusing on the history of cultures and people.

Kushra's experience regarding the written word and English includes the completion of English and grammar courses throughout her degree, in addition to various papers she submitted to various writing competitions, the papers she completed as part of her degree, and a non-fiction book she proofread and edited in 2020.


Kushra's specialties regarding non-fiction include historical books, and biographies.

Kushra's specialties regarding the fiction side include fantasy, erotica, historical fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.


Kushra has a variety of interests including art, cooking, gardening, music, reading, researching, travel, and writing.


The University of South Africa

Kushra's B.A. was a general degree that was taken at an online distance university. Topics such as ethics, political institutions, bio-ethics, history, and conflict resolution were focused on and specialized in.


3 Projects Completed

Kushra's experience and political work include various papers written as part of her degree, as well as an internal political understanding regarding organizations, important relationships between political counterparts, and the importance of conflict resolution in volatile situations.

Political philosophy also adds to this experience, and the combination of political philosophy and medical philosophy forms a large part of Kushra's research and personal interests.


2 Projects Completed

Kushra spends a lot of time in the garden and has a successful vegetable and flower garden. If there is an unknown garden topic or question Kushra will do as much research as possible to write an accurate and informative paper as possible.


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The CBD/cannabis train has left many stations in recent years, and with this, is the responsibility to educate yourself and those who are ill. Kushra's experience with CBD/Cannabis includes a book she wrote about the positive effects of CBD, and the personal experience of friends and family using CBD oil for various medical conditions, with varying degrees of severity and efficacy of hose involved.


5 Projects Completed

Kushra loves writing, the more words the better. Kushra has written many books from various topics while each topic will be researched thoroughly and told through a lens of understanding and compassion to ensure the reader loses themselves in the book.


2 Projects Completed

Kushra has some experience in article writing from a non-fiction and relatable avenue from a journalistic perspective. Kushra is not afraid to ask the difficult questions when research and journalism is required for the sake of the article.

Kushra does not have any journalistic training, however, so she can't call herself a journalist in this sense.

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