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Jennifer is an experienced journalist, spending the past 24+ years working in local newsrooms writing, producing, marketing, and reporting on stories with local impact.

Jennifer can write for broadcast, digital, or social and knows how each piece of content works for different platforms.

She can edit on Premiere Pro and Rush and has used a variety of CMS platforms including Arc, WordPress, Frankly, TownNews, and Field 59.

Jennifer loves to dig into stories and uncover the truth and find out the effect of an event, not just talk about the event itself. She's a member of Investigative Reporters & Editors, an organization dedicated to seeking the truth and reporting it through ethical means. She's also a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

She's passionate about mental health issues, dogs, fitness, and pain management.
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Jennifer has written for broadcast news since 1996. She knows how to sell a story and simplify tough topics.

She has also managed big projects as a manager since 2001. From strategic planning, budgeting planning, large-scale projects to envelop digital, broadcast, and marketing, she has done it all.

Being in a newsroom, Jennifer has worked with all kinds of people, from training new employees and setting out a specific training plan, to improving the work of seasoned journalists, to dealing with angry or scared viewers during tough times, to coordinating with politicians and celebrities for interviews.

Jennifer also knows how to sell stories on social media. She respects each platform and the accompanying audience.

Jennifer works on time and under deadlines and thrives in high-pressure situations. She's a skilled multi-tasker.

She can write an investigative story with the same passion she created a Pet Page for her station in Huntsville, Alabama.

Jennifer is a "go-to" and "get it done" writer with endless energy and a passion for all the projects she gets to touch.


Jennifer is a self-described workaholic but has plenty of time for that life balance.

Her passions include dogs, owning two Golden Retrievers, and has been around dogs her entire life. They are more than just pets to her, they are family.

Jennifer also enjoys fitness, from Bikram yoga to boxing to HIIT classes, she's always up for a fitness adventure.

She is passionate about mental health improvement for all people. Seeing her employees struggle and the impact the world of journalism has even on her, she feels it's important to break down the "shame" barriers that come with asking for mental health help.

She's a hiker, having tackled mountains from Colorado to California, and completed half of the Tahoe Rim Trail during her time in Reno, Nevada.

Jennifer is also a savvy shopper, always hunting for deals and sharing information with her loved ones about how to get the most for their money.


Missouri State University

She explored all the communication fields of study available and fell in love with journalism.


300 Projects Completed

Jennifer is an experienced writer for digital platforms including local news stations in Memphis, Reno, Las Vegas, Tulsa, Huntsville, Sarasota, and Lincoln, Nebraska. She has a great eye for content and can publish on any digital or social platform specifically engaging the audience in that area of content consumption. She is a journalist at heart, meaning she knows how to correct research and source information for your content creation.

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Jennifer believes in shining light in the unnecessary dark corner that is mental health help. Her experience with anxiety, depression, and grief lead her to pitch and create local content focused on helping people come out of the darkness and discuss their issues in a safe space. She is experienced with health journals and can research easily topics of mental health, self-help, and any topic in between.


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Jennifer is a pet and animal lover. She can write about any animal with ease but has a special connection with dogs. She has been around dogs since childhood. From raising a puppy to nursing and caring for a senior dog, she's seen it all. She has also launched a project called "Mental Paws", where people can learn about mental health support through the love of pets.

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She's written a blog on LinkedIn about the news business since the start of 2021. She was WRITING news every day, but felt there was a perspective to share.She did surveys with journalist groups and reported that data and married it with storytelling so it would resonate among journalists.

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