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Jennifer H
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Jennifer is an experienced journalist, having spent more than two decades years working in and leading local newsrooms.

As a journalist, there is no topic off limits as she can research anything, a habit of always having to be an "expert" on the news cycle as it churned. She's even created roofing and plumbing websites, going into the project with little knowledge about either and being applauded for the final results.

Jennifer can write for broadcast, digital, or social and knows how each piece of content fits best on different platforms. She's as creative as she is tenacious.

She can edit on Premiere Pro and Rush and has used a variety of CMS platforms, including Arc, WordPress, Frankly, TownNews, and Field 59. She has created strategic plans for content calendars, social media platforms, and graphic creation. Did we mention she can also create graphics through Canva or Adobe?

Jennifer loves to dig into stories, uncover the truth, and find out the effect of an event, not just talk about the event itself. Her writing flexibility extends to any style a client needs.

She's passionate about mental health support, dogs, fitness, and beauty products for respectful aging.

When you want someone who gets your content, lives to excel, and refuses to use AI for writing, you should give Jennifer a shot.
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