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Peter S. has pursuing freelance writing as a secondary passion for years while maintaining his primary career in the financial world. His primary job often tasks him with improving content/SEO for new businesses or writing business plans and strategies from scratch.

Using the firsthand experience gathered in his previous roles, the author now contributes articles, blog posts, and professional pieces to businesses large and small.
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The author's specialties include all topics related to international business, economics, or finance. On a more local scale, Peter S. has writing experience for newly created businesses looking to establish authority as sources for personal finance or investing advice.


The College of New Jersey


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The author has 10 years of experience in commercial lending and consulting services. Having worked with large restaurant chains, distribution and logistics centers, upstart retail/eCommerce stores, and professional offices, the author has experience in many industries.

His professional experience also includes reviewing, drafting, or revising business plans, as well as content creation for new businesses. He also provided the financial review and ultimate loan approval on commercial projects ranging from $250,000 to $20,000,000+


100 Projects Completed

Peter S. worked in the financial services field for several years, providing financing solutions for both residential and commercial projects. Depending on the type of project, his experience could be in assisting the owner obtain financing or representing the lender themselves during their credit analysis.


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The author has ghostwritten content in the personal finance, international business, and economics fields for years. Researched, reasoned pieces that assist others in gathering an understanding of their own finances or the greater economy are among the author's strengths. Other articles, such as slightly less formal how-to's or expository work are also common.

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As a professional in the financial services field, the author regularly helps small businesses improve their SEO and marketing as part of his primary career. Those talents are extended to his writing clients. With experience in everything from generating blogs from scratch to composing guest posts in more seasoned offerings, your content can fit your needs.


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Based on his years involved in the hiring process professionally, Peter S. is familiar with the difference between a forgettable resume and a great one. Using this background, the author will compose neat, concise resumes that showcase each individual's particular skills without blending into the background.

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