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Isidore has been writing copy as a freelancer since 2019, and they have been writing creative pieces for longer still. They have been hired to write texts for local events as well as articles in cities outside of the US. Their skills are kept fresh through writing projects they do for their university and as a hobby.


Isidore specializes in writing articles, as well as short creative pieces. They have written copy for a variety of industries, including tourism, food services, recreation, and entertainment. Their research skills allow them to write articles about cities and states they have not lived in, and they enjoy learning about these subjects as they write. Their creative writing skills help them to write engaging prose for clients as well.


Isidore has had a long-time interest in languages, and are able to write in both English and French. They are also passionate about local attractions, wherever "local" may be, and enjoy writing articles about the stores and events that make a given city unique. For creative pieces, they enjoy character-driven plots and emotional beats in stories, both reading them and writing them themself.


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Isidore has personal experience in a variety of hobbies, such as creative writing, traditional art, needlecrafts, biking, and more. They understand what a hobbyist would want to know about their most recent project, and is able to write articles to capture the audience's attention and answer their questions.


8 Projects Completed

Isidore has experience writing articles about particular topics, as well as creating short lists to advertise several businesses, monthly events, and so on. Their articles are always thoroughly researched, so they can write articles on any topic, even on subjects about which they are not immediately familiar.

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