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Kim G. has been working as a researcher and writer for Inspirefilm in 2017. He also helped arrange interviews and ghostwrote technical articles for internal use with help from experts from SAS Institute.

In 2018, he worked as a high school teacher in English in Denmark. He wrote his own course material there and shared it with other teachers sharing his field.

Since 2019, Kim has been working as a freelance writer, researcher and transcriber, for companies like Productive Playhouse and QA Research.

Ever since university, he has also been writing fiction on the side, mainly within Fantasy and Science Fiction. He aims at publication within the next year.
Artificial Intelligence


Kim G. specializes in academic writing, creative writing and content writing for websites.

He is especially proficient when it comes to subjects within the social sciences, pop culture and journalism.

From university, he has learned to properly research his material and edit his own work to a satisfactory level.


Kim G. is an avid reader and writer of topics such as psychology, philosophy, history, language, education, fiction and self-help books.

Armed with grammatics, literary studies and independent research work at an MA level from Roskilde University, Kim is a writer who takes initiative, ensures quality in his own work and remains flexible with tasks.

Besides being a great Fantasy and Science Fiction enthusiast, he also indulges in tabletop gaming, video gaming, martial arts, cycling and acting. These activities have helped shape him as a writer and a person, as someone deeply fascinated and interested with the potential of envisioning different worlds, delving deep into the human psyche and always ensuring that his writing is dynamic - just as life is.


Roskilde University

Kim took a bachelor and master's degree in Roskilde University, a Danish university reputed for its independent group-based project work.

He split his academic terms between English courses and Philosophy courses. It has given him a broad understanding of the social sciences and allowed him to blend academic disciplines into interdisciplinary essays and theses.

Artificial Intelligence

3 Projects Completed

Kim Gjersoe has ghostwritten multiple articles on artificial intelligence and machine learning, liaising between technology experts and journalists to create optimal content for internal use for SAS Institute.


2 Projects Completed

Finished my bachelor's degree project and master's thesis on English and Philosophy. Academic papers now stored in Roskilde University's database.


0 Projects Completed

Kim G. has been writing mutiple articles: Academic, journalistic and technical article writing. He is well-acquainted with proper research methodology.


0 Projects Completed

Kim regularly writes on his own and has some training writing novels, as well as non-fiction books.


0 Projects Completed

Kim is capable of writing scripts for video format (Youtube, online videos) and for cinematic purposes.

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