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Angelica B
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Joined 9/13/2021
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6+ years of copywriting (along with template design) experience creating optimized content for B2B and B2C companies on a variety of platforms, with a focus on email series, long-form articles and content writing. Passionate about creating content free of bloated language that impacts audiences and helps companies achieve their content marketing goals. Particularly adept at identifying gaps in consumer knowledge and crafting content that answers questions before they are ever asked.

Enjoy writing content for just about every industry, including pharma, luxury retail, retail, nonprofits, CBD, financial, travel, construction and beauty. Firm believer that content, no matter the industry, has to be boring; a human aspect must be involved that readers can feel and relate to. As a human with lots of feelings, likes and dislikes, injecting humanity into marketing content and collateral is necessary to build interest, trust and sales.
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