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Aubrey C. has a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in English from Mercer University in Atlanta. With almost 10 years teaching experience, she has written hundreds of tests, lesson plans, sample pieces, and leveled texts for students. She has worked in writing centers and has evaluated thousands of expository, argumentative, narrative, and research-based writings. Daily, she teaches students the impact of word choice, syntax, evidence, organization, and well-placed punctuation.

An avid reader, Aubrey appreciates writing as a craft, but she can write in a scientific, academic style when necessary.

Her areas of interest include learning, food, books, travel, and the arts. She is currently working on an independent biographical photojournalism project. Aubrey's writing style has been called both approachable and surgical, cutting to the central point in a way that still connects with readers.

Aubrey has written collections of informal blog entries and press releases for local businesses and schools. Before she works with a new client, Aubrey likes to take the time to research the client’s mission and goals so that her writings are consistent with the organization’s driving principles.

Raised by a jet-engine mechanic and auto hobbyist, Aubrey grew up understanding the value of just-the-right-tool. Today, she sees words as one of the world’s most powerful tools, tools with the ability to define and connect ideas, businesses, and people across the world.
Aubrey is excited to have another avenue to help clients bring life to their ideas, and she is looking forward to working with you! Let her help you create the impact you’re looking for!
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Aubrey C. specializes in ideas and creative endeavors. She has a "can do" attitude and an eagerness to learn that leads her a number of different directions.


Aubrey C. spends her time running and volunteering at marathons and other events for runners. She enjoys discovering the hidden gems Atlanta has to offer and talking to strangers--she has discovered gems that way, too.


Mercer University

At Mercer, Aubrey completed an educational portfolio and a research project. The research explored teachers' perceptions of Georgia's statewide writing assessment: its use, reputation, and reliability.


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Aubrey C. has written press releases and web content for several Atlanta Metro Area businesses. Though not an expert in technical and industrial fields, Aubrey works to create writings consistent with a company's mission. Aubrey is an experienced educator and is well-versed in writing plans, proposals, and letters for various purposes.

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