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Summer has been in the food industry since 2014. She has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and has worked in a diverse set of writing positions. She believes that effective communication is the core of human culture and successful business.

While Summer has written all types of content, she specializes in engaging website pages, blogs, social media posts, and technical writing. She is especially interested in food and science, but Summer can write about any topic.

Aside from content creation, Summer enjoys farming, climbing, and anything to do with food. You can find her at the local farmer's market or hiking out to a new climbing project.
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Types of writing: Blog posts, articles, informative articles, social media posts, website pages, how-to articles, topic research, thought leadership, technical writing

Subjects: Food, nutrition, agriculture, conservation, sustainability, wellness, fitness, technology, business, personal finance, cooking, home service, hospitality, personal growth, biology, science, culture, travel, politics


Agriculture, conservation, nutrition, sustainability, politics, hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, ultra-running, weightlifting


University of Portland

To put it directly, Summer dove headfirst in college. With a "nothing can stop me" attitude, she became involved in everything she could.

For three years, Summer lead the "College Ecology" club on campus. In this role, she facilitated panel presentations, campus discussions, & other events regarding the food system, climate change, and other environmental topics. She also planned and directed monthly volunteer trips in collaboration with local organizations.

In addition, she became involved outside of campus. She met with legislative members to lobby against current bills that pursued continuous use of coal in Oregon.

On top of that, she worked relentlessly to forward her career. She worked as a lab aid at the local Science Museum, worked on a local farm, and led two research projects.

During class, her studies focused on Sustainable Food Systems and Latin American history.


20 Projects Completed

Every science student knows how many scientific papers must be written to graduate: a ton.

Summer has written scientific articles, responses, and abstracts in Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Climatology, Meteorology, Botany, Conservation, & Nutrition.

In addition, Summer has led two research projects and written the subsequent proposals, abstracts, and articles.

She feels confident in articulating science articles and writing in response. Not only that, Summer feels a passion for science and has an immense enthusiasm for writing in this industry.


10 Projects Completed

Since Summer's focus in college was Sustainable Food Systems, much of her writing focused on agriculture. Many of these papers have been Topic Research, but she feels confident and experienced writing in most formats - especially for this subject.

Most of her agricultural experience has been in the Pacific Northwest and the Great Basin. That being said, she is excited about learning agricultural techniques in different ecosystems.


9 Projects Completed

Summer had the privilege of leading writing projects for a non-profit that donated the produce it grew to local food banks.

Because of our educational system, there is a widespread lack of knowledge on nutrition and fresh produce. To ensure that the food banks used the product, Summer wrote nutritional articles for each vegetable. The non-profit then gave these articles to the food banks and individuals.

Newsletter Content

20 Projects Completed

Summer has worked in multiple sectors developing newsletters.

For four years, she wrote and developed newsletters for the School of Education. These newsletters went out quarterly to students, alumni, donors, community members, and professors.

For one year, she developed newsletters for an environmental non-profit. These newsletters went out monthly to program participants, teachers, other organizations, staff, and community members.


18 Projects Completed

During her time as the Professional Development Assistant, Summer had the opportunity to lead a video marketing campaign for the School of Education.

She interviewed, scripted, shot, and edited 18 video advertisements featuring the School of Education's top alumni.

The University then used these advertisements on their website to market individual programs within the School of Education.

Facebook Post

10 Projects Completed

During her time as Education Director for an outdoor school, Summer utilized social media as one of the main modes of advertisement.

In addition, she was able to post responses to recent achievements and advancements in the outdoor school industry.

She understands social media's power for effective communication and feels passionate about educating via these platforms.


6 Projects Completed

Being involved in multiple research projects, clubs, and local movements involves directing many presentations.

Summer's presentations on her ecoroof research won two local awards.

She also presented her thesis on the history and current legislative changes to Chloripyrifos - a commonly used conventional pesticide in the US.

In addition, she has led and written presentations for grant applications, legislative lobbying, and other topic research projects.

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