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Ken Boyd has over four years of experience writing conscientiously-crafted and engaging content, and specializes in breaking down complex ideas and presenting them in ways that are easy to understand. He has published over 70 longform blog posts and articles (approximately 1000 words in length each) on a wide variety of topics, including issues in technology, science, mental health and wellbeing, politics, and more. He has written for a variety of online magazines and blogs, which has provided him with experience researching, organizing, writing, and editing content.

As a writer, Ken maintains a high degree of attention to detail: in addition to his published work for general audiences, he has also written over 20 academic articles, book chapters, and reviews for multiple peer-reviewed journals and collections, all of which have involved careful attention to editing and adhering to a style consistent with the relevant outlet. This experience has provided him with the skills needed to produce clear, consistent, and effective content for a wide range of stakeholders.
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