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Andre C. has been writing since 2015 when he realized that if he put in enough time, he can make something of it. After learning the craft of creative, technical, and blog writing. He found not only a new hobby but a new challenge that he would put off for some time in pursuit of another career. After one setback after another, he finally decided to take the challenge of being a freelance writer. Where he knew the journey will be hard but rewarding once he puts the effort in and gets out of his comfort zone to network with other writers like himself. He’s motivated, determine, and ambitious to tackle this new pursuit in hopes of turning this new endeavor into a dream career.

During his career has managed his own personal blog for six years and even intern for another one called The Odyssey while he was in college. At the beginning of the year, he took the leap and decided to be a contributing writer to Medium where he hopes to grow a bigger audience and connect with more people in the writing industry.
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Andre C. specializes in Microsoft word, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Excel. As well has used platforms like WordPress for the past six(6) years as a personal blog, and is going on a year since he started Medium back in January of 2021.


Andre C. is interested is reading books (preferably crime and fantasy) and comic books. As well as watching movies, TV Shows, and playing video games with a strong driven narrative to go along with the multiplayer aspect for competitive purposes.

His interests fuels his inspiration to talk and write about them so he can share his own interest with the world and in hopes of helping people understand what they read and watch.


University of Nevada Las Vegas

Studied Criminal Justice and had a minor in English with a strong concentration in creative writing.

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Andre C. has provided wisdom and information about mental health. Even speaking about it on his own battles with it. With his series 'Mental Monday' on his personal blog. He has come to help and provide the information needed for anyone out there looking for help.

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Andre has written blog posts on various topics, ranging from video games(now deleted) to mental health, and personal views on issues of the world. While doing this he came to learn more about himself and the world around him which gave him a new purpose and new goals for his writing. Like giving advice on mental health and giving out observations on issues in the community.

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