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Jesus has written hundreds of articles for a varied number of medical fields. These encompass almost every aspect of medicine, but dental care, podiatry, and chiropractic services are among the most common.

These are blog entries with an emphasis on SEO requirements by the clients. Entries that within 300 to 500 words answer the provided premise in detail, but with the average reader in mind.

He has spent over a year finessing the workflow to meet deadlines, to allow room for careful editing, and to invest as much time as required in research--something necessary when confronting such a diverse assignment pool.
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Jesus has researched, studied, and written medical blogs for medical practices all around the country.

Although some of the fields covered are more prominent than others, the core focus has always been on being able to quickly research and create a product that provides accurate and concise information for both clients and end readers.


Jesus has been an avid short-story writer for many years, combining a mixture of horror and humor into a compact storytelling package.

His background in coding has him completing the majority of his writing on a customized code editor with implemented Vim shortcuts and Python scripts for staying organized.

Although not a term embraced by professionals in the field, he has been a handyman for over a decade. It is still something he practices as a side business, and often just for fun around the house. Manual work is a great source of exercise, meditative calm, and a perfect excuse to consume audiobooks.


565 Projects Completed

Jesus has researched and written many blog entries in a wide variety of medical fields. The end clients have been typically individual medical practices, often dental, sometimes chiropractic, and podiatrist offices, among others.

Although with no practical medical experience, he has become quite knowledgeable in some of these fields and makes up with studious in-depth research for those that were once new. Until even these became part of his blogging repertoire.

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565 Projects Completed

Experienced in writing hundreds of blog posts Jesus has learned to make the most out of the short format. To within a few paragraphs educate the readers, adhere to SEO specifications, and provide accurate information for all involved. The current emphasis has been primarily medicine, but Jesus hopes to expand into other fields.

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