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Chris has been a teacher for the last 10+ years in a high school setting. He's seen his fair share of writing and editing tasks during that time. Whether it's for his students, his lesson plans, or for other staff members he has done the hard yards to perfect his craft.

Chris has also written his own blog in the musical instruments niche. He's clocked up over 120,000 words in a short time covering all parts of the process including keyword research, SEO writing, and editing.

On top of all of his real-world experience, Chris has also worked on content mills creating articles for other bloggers' websites for over 2 years. He has covered everything from travel to finance during this time and is willing to tackle any unfamiliar territory with exceptional research skills to get the job done.
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Chris has a particular knack for music content. He is a working professional in the music industry and has served over 8 years as an international touring cover musician.

Chris prefers to write blogs, roundups, reviews, and product comparisons as opposed to artist-based content but is open to giving any music-related content a whirl.

He is also comfortable writing in the Education niche. With over 10 years of experience as a teacher in Australia, he has plenty of knowledge and research skills relating to this niche.

Chris has no problem writing general articles and loves to expand his knowledge in almost any area. He keeps a special interest in tech, SEO, and gaming but won't shy away from other topics that are thrown his way.


Chris works as a cover musician and travels around the world performing in bars. So travel, music, and nightlife all rolled into one hobby keeps him busy.

He also loves gaming and improving himself through reading and studying new ideas and concepts.


University Of Newcastle

Chris completed his education in 2012 and has been working in the music and education industries ever since.


74 Projects Completed

Chris has been a working musician for over 10 years. He is an experienced guitarist and singer that has worked on stage internationally. He is familiar with musical instruments across a variety of price points and genres.

Chris loves to write about musical instruments almost as much as he loves to play them and hoard them for himself.


50 Projects Completed

Chris has had to write plenty of articles relating to education for his Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching. On top of this, he has been teaching since 2011 in Australian and English schools.


11 Projects Completed

Chris loves tech and has written articles related to HiFi tech, AI, and new gaming tech. He is less experienced in this field than writing about music but his passion for tech and research skills make him an ideal tech blog writer too.

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84 Projects Completed

Blog posting is Chris' bread and butter for writing. He's had plenty of experience and training when it comes to creating entertaining and informative blog posts.

Whether he has to research topics himself or is given a framework, he delivers straightforward, easy-to-read content. He does it all on time every time too.

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