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Francina is a science communicator. A passionate writer that will work with you to decipher the better way for selling your story. She writes health news and makes storytelling about science in general. Her main experience is writing about drug candidates and news related to neurological disorders. Francina is a former neuroscientist exploring now the world of writing and copywriting, helping her clients to reach the goal that they propose.
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Francina enjoys writing everything related to science — especially neurons and brain-related stuff. Her main experience is based on neuroscience projects.
She helps biotech and biopharma companies reaching to investors and marketing their products to open the market to new buyers.
She also writes health news and podcast reviews for an online magazine.


Francina is always looking for science and health discoveries and finding the right way of informing it to the lay audience.
She runs a blog in Spanish where she mixes life experiences, travels and science.


Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Francina obtained her PhD in 2015. She studied the importance of a regulatory mechanism in neurons. She discovered that different inputs give opposite results in the signaling that is involved in food intake.


2 Projects Completed

Francina works with a France-based startup in the biopharma industry. She edits deck presentations, she helps on graph designs and draft press releases with annoncements.
Francina also works with a biotech company copywriting articles for its website. This company wants to target biopharma companies to use its product on preclinical studies.


2 Projects Completed

Francina works with two health-related industries.
She writes health news for one of them, and press releases related to scientific advances on innovative therapies for rare diseases.

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13 Projects Completed

Francina runs two blogs. One for a biotech company and a personal one.
On her personal blog she mixes travel, adventure, and science on her writing.
The biotech company's blog is directed to the biopharma sector. On her writing she emphasizes the utility of this biotech product for the use of it on preclinical studies.

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