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Wendy is experienced in writing blog posts, features, product descriptions, reviews, creative writing, and copywriting. She has recently completed a pilot episode and television series pitch bible for a sci-fi TV series. She has also written a feature-length animation screenplay based on American culture boasting a theme that anything can be accomplished simply by applying oneself and committing to the goal. She is currently completing her debut novel which is a mixture of several complimenting genres. Wendy has traveled extensively, throughout her career, allowing her to gain valuable life experience, which translates into her work.
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Wendy specializes in creative writing, copywriting, blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, resume writing, and freelance writing. She has a special interest in creative writing with six years of experience in storytelling, short stories, flash fiction, screenplay writing, and poetry. Blog posts and creative writing are special interests for Wendy as these areas allow for much more creativity and engagement with the audience.


Wendy loves the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and reading. Creative writing- for her - is both a career and a hobby.


Nelson Mandela University

Human Resources

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Wendy has an in-depth understanding of current methodologies and practices in this industry, specializing in Agile HR, recruitment practices, labor relations, training, and employee benefits. Wendy places emphasis on quality content that speaks to the reader and is easy to digest. With over fifteen years of industry experience as an HR manager, Wendy is familiar with current trends and practices in global HR and working with a diverse workforce.


26 Projects Completed

Wendy has obtained experience in the sales industry working in several different categories from direct sales to sales training.


21 Projects Completed

Wendy has been working full-time in the role of HR manager for several years with extensive experience gained in training and development.


20 Projects Completed

As an HR practitioner, Wendy has spent nearly ten years specializing in the hospitality industry, working with a diverse workforce, and developing employees through training efforts, recruitment, and employee relations. With a focus on developing training material, executing the training material, and evaluating its effectiveness in the industry, Wendy was able to elevate the service quality of an international workforce to Emerald status.


12 Projects Completed

Wendy has a special interest in cooking, developing recipes, and understanding the various cooking techniques used in different cultures, when preparing dishes. Having trained under several executive chefs and three different sommeliers, Wendy has expert knowledge on fine dining, wine, gourmet food, and food pairing.

Blog Post

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Wendy has several years of experience, writing various types of blog posts for different industries and clients. She is familiar with sales techniques and copywriting styles, which improve her writing, assists with placing focus on the demographic market, inform the audience, or promote a sale through blog posts. She attributes her success to thorough research of the industry and her target audience.

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