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Lettecha J
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Her writing experience consists of :

Travel Blogging- she has travelled to 14 countries so far and lived in 3 of them (China, Vietnam and Mexico).

Articles for online publications - Various topics ( travel, pets, book review).

Audio Scripts based on keywords/specifications for adult ESL learners in China. This was for a special project for a company in which I previously taught ESL online.

Lesson Plans for ESL learners ( kids and adults) - This was needed when she taught in Asia.

Technical/Product training documentation - Wrote documentation from scratch or updated existing ones as a web producer. For example, at one company, she produced a frequent email newsletter about current updates regarding web product releases.

Web Copy and back end Metadata - during her time as a web producer, she was responsible for producing web copy for electronic products/entertainment services. She was also in charge of the CMS so she needed to update proper web tags before daily/weekly launches.

Research and Fact-Checking - both for academic research in graduate school, brief PR agency assistant work years ago, and to stay current about travel news.
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