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Her writing experience consists of :

Travel Blogging- she has travelled to 14 countries so far and lived in 3 of them (China, Vietnam and Mexico).

Articles for online publications - Various topics ( travel, pets, book review).

Audio Scripts based on keywords/specifications for adult ESL learners in China. This was for a special project for a company in which I previously taught ESL online.

Lesson Plans for ESL learners ( kids and adults) - This was needed when she taught in Asia.

Technical/Product training documentation - Wrote documentation from scratch or updated existing ones as a web producer. For example, at one company, she produced a frequent email newsletter about current updates regarding web product releases.

Web Copy and back end Metadata - during her time as a web producer, she was responsible for producing web copy for electronic products/entertainment services. She was also in charge of the CMS so she needed to update proper web tags before daily/weekly launches.

Research and Fact-Checking - both for academic research in graduate school, brief PR agency assistant work years ago, and to stay current about travel news.
Web Development
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Her specialties include writing articles, blogging, providing web copy, scripts, and writing instructional material -related to technology or education.

She also has experience sourcing digital images as a web producer. She is a trained illustrator so she can also produce drawn or digital images.


She has a diverse range of interests but my top ones are travel, technology, books, movies, health and food.

While she doesn't have industry finance experience, she is learning more about it. It is exciting to write about it from her perspective.


Columbia University

Lettecha completed a two year Master degree program in Instructional Technology & Media. During this time she also interned at Sesame Workshop and Nickelodeon.

Syracuse University

She studied illustration and graduated with a BFA in Fine Art. During this time, she also did two internships - one at an animation studio and one at a children's science museum.

Web Development

123 Projects Completed

Lettecha was a web producer in New York for about 4 years. She worked for 2 well-known foreign companies ( one based in electronics/entertainment and the other a news organization).

She wrote web copy for the main marketing site, keywords/tags in the CMS, training documentation, product newsletters and a few articles.


50 Projects Completed

Lettecha has a Masters degree in educational technology from a top university. In addition to conducting grad level research and teaching ESL to students in two foreign countries, she also wrote engaging lesson plans for students of various english skill.
She also wrote audio scripts for ESL adult learners,


23 Projects Completed

Lettecha J has visited more than 14 countries and lived in 3 of them. She is currently working on her 2nd travel blog and published articles related to China and New York for a well-known news organization.

Blog Post

455 Projects Completed

Lettecha has been blogging about her travels for years. She is currently working on her 2nd blog which will contain more narrative experiences about her life as an expat.


166 Projects Completed

Lettecha wrote 3 published articles for an international news organization. The topics included a book review, best tea spots in NYC and pets.

She has also published travel articles and instructional articles related to Google spreadsheets.

While Lettecha was an expat in China, she was commissioned by a different news organization to write about missing western food/products while abroad.


4 Projects Completed

Lettecha wrote some audio scripts for adult ESL learners in China. She was provided specifications and a general topic to work with.

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