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Teresa has spent the last six years of her career keeping the members of OkCupid safe from trolls, scammers, fraud, and the darker elements of the internet. She has written user-facing documentation about everything from navigating the site to new features and how to be successful in online dating. This content reduced customer service volume and users responded favorably to the increased transparency about changes to the site. She has also created training programs for onboarding new employees, educating peers about new policies and procedures, and ongoing education for OkCupid's strategic partners.

Teresa creates engaging content to inform and entertain your customers, and she has a proven track record of driving traffic and increasing engagement.
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Teresa specializes in long-form content, such as articles and blog posts. She can write about almost any topic, but her main areas of expertise are beauty, history, politics, mental health, and cyber safety.


Teresa's interests include reading, writing, podcasting, travel, history, and politics.


Western Governors University

Teresa is nearing completion of her BS in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing.


200 Projects Completed

Teresa has maintained a personal beauty blog since 2017, with the main type of post being makeup and skincare product reviews. The blog also includes product recommendations, listicles, discussions of new releases, and commentary about beauty news.


50 Projects Completed

Teresa was the primary technical writer for her previous employer, OkCupid. She wrote the bulk of the customer-facing documentation, including all of the guides for how to navigate the website, edit profiles, and use the paid features available in customer accounts.

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1,000 Projects Completed

Teresa has been a blogger for almost 20 years, starting before people knew what blogs were or how to monetize them. In the ensuing years, she's had many blogs, both personal and professional.

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