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Whitney is a full-time freelance journalist and writer with 20 years’ experience. She specializes in online content, as well as magazine and newspaper writing, focusing on health and healthcare, science and technology, medicine, business, education, and volunteerism. She has created bylined and ghostwritten content for nearly 30 academic, trade, and business clients.

Whitney began her journalism and writing career as a freelancer for UPI on Sept. 11, 2001, on Capitol Hill. As news reports of the attacks came in, she quickly shifted from her Senate Banking Committee assignment and covered the unfolding chaos. A year later, she covered the D.C. sniper murders for The Montgomery Journal, the local paper serving the community where the shootings began. So, she’s no stranger to fast-paced work and meeting deadlines — in fact, it’s a work style she’s maintained.

Throughout her career, Whitney has worked in newsrooms and public relations offices. In these roles, she has interviewed countless doctors, scientists, business leaders, educators, and volunteers, producing thousands of pieces of web content, features, blog posts, press releases, and ghostwritten articles.

Whitney can easily pivot between styles and voices depending on the client’s wishes and needs. She is equally adept at creating features, thought leadership articles, how-to pieces, press releases, and research-based informational content.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in International Business and German from Furman University, Whitney earned her master’s degree in International Print Journalism and Public Affairs from American University in Washington, D.C.
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Health, healthcare (multiple specialties: pediatrics, oncology, radiology, rheumatology, etc.), medicine, science and technology, nursing, patient care, clinical research.


Whitney is a concert pianist who loves to cook, run long-distance races, and jump waves in the ocean on her wave runner. In her more quiet moments, she enjoys watching movies around the backyard fire pit with her husband, kids, and friends.


Furman University

Whitney earned her bachelor's degree at Furman University. Under the supervision of her academic advisor, she selected courses and designed her own major, completing her degree in International Print Journalism and German.

American University

Whitney earned her master's degree from American University in Washington, D.C., in International Print Journalism and Public Affairs. During the program, she completed a reporting internship at Roll Call, the newspaper for Capitol Hill.


609 Projects Completed

Whitney has written several short- and long-form articles about treatments and procedures used in a variety of health specialties. In addition, her articles have also covered community and public health initiatives and programs created by hospitals, health systems, and specialty organizations.


509 Projects Completed

From medical procedures to clinical research to even medical education, Whitney has written hundreds of articles, outlining innovative work and explaining new findings and programs.


411 Projects Completed

In articles and blog posts, Whitney has created content focused on numerous health conditions and concerns, ranging from diabetes to cancer to childhood-onset disease to women's health concerns and more. The content she has created offers clear explanations and, frequently, actionable information.


1,330 Projects Completed

Whitney has written articles for newspapers, magazines, trade publications, health system publications, non-profit organization newsletters, specialty association publications, and websites.

Blog Post

211 Projects Completed

Whitney has written "how-to," listicle, and thought leadership blogs, as well as posts that are designed to answer specific questions.

Press Release

155 Projects Completed

Whitney has written numerous press releases for two hospitals and health systems and two academic institutions. In addition, she has written releases for several businesses about new services and product launches.


16 Projects Completed

Whitney has completed health system brochures on various specialty and patient care programs, including gastroenterology, thoracic care, and hematology. In addition, she created copy for a health and beauty product launch brochure.

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