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Phillip has been working as a professional freelance writer for three years. He specializes in medical and health-related topics such as disease, nutrition, fitness, pharmacology and wellness. Because of his educational background, he is knowledgeable in the areas of science and mathematics as well.

While pursuing his undergraduate degree in microbiology, Phillip worked as a manager in the food service industry for three years. He also spent time working as a peer tutor. Because of these experiences, he is able to write authoritatively on the topics of food service and education.

Though health, science, education and food service are Phillip's primary areas of expertise, he thoroughly enjoys learning new things and is more than happy to engage in independent research to prepare for an article. In the past, he has researched and written about business, law, insurance, finance, home, family and travel topics.

Throughout his career, Phillip has written blogs, informational pieces, research papers and SEO content for his clients. He is also experienced with SEO keyword tactics and Meta tags.

Phillip always does his best to please the client. He enjoys communicating with his clients and building long-term professional relationships. Phillip takes pride in his work and strives to provide clients with high quality content and a fast turnaround time during every encounter.

Phillip has a Ph.D. with a focus in microbiology and immunology. He is currently working toward his Doctor of Medicine and has already completed two years of medical school.


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  • Medical1,000+
  • Health500+
  • Science100+
  • Legal100+
  • Insurance100+
  • Education50+
  • Travel20+
  • Bio/Pharm20+
  • Nutrition20+
  • Finance20+
  • Kids/Family20+

Summary of Industry Experience


As a medical student and research scientist, Phillip is extremely comfortable with the medical field. He understands diseases, treatments, prevention and most medical procedures. During his time as a writer, Phillip has completed over 400 medical pieces for private clients, including blog posts, technical articles, informational articles and research papers.


As a medical student and research scientist, Phillip is extremely comfortable with the health field. To date, Phillip has completed over 150 health-related pieces for private clients, including blog posts, informational articles and research papers. Past topics have included proper nutrition, fitness, symptoms of common diseases, diagnosis and treatment protocols.


As a research scientist, Phillip is continuously increasing his knowledge and understanding of important topics in the field of science. During his time as a professional writer, he has written over 100 science-related blog posts, informational articles and technical papers. Phillip has also published work in two peer-reviewed research journals.


Before entering medical school, Phillip spent several years on the Mock Trial team learning about laws, court cases and trial procedures. As a medical student, he has also spent time learning about medical case law as it applies to negligence, malpractice and pharmaceutical patents. Phillip thoroughly enjoys studying law in his spare time, and he has written ten articles focusing on legal topics to date.


During his time as a medical student, Phillip has studied medical insurance in-depth. In his spare time, Phillip has also studied and written about other types of insurance, including vehicle insurance, homeowners insurance and life insurance. To date, Phillip has written 50 articles and blog posts focusing on insurance-related topics.


Phillip learned the basics of education when he worked as a tutor during his undergraduate years. To date, he has written approximately 70 articles about various topics in education. His works have focused on subjects such as classroom instruction, online learning, higher education and the No Child Left Behind Act.


Phillip is an avid traveler. He loves learning about new cultures and engaging in exciting activities, such as scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing and camping. When Phillip isn't able to experience these activities firsthand, he enjoys writing about them. Throughout his career, Phillip has completed almost 30 travel articles, blogs and tip sheets.


As a medical student, Phillip has studied pharmacology in depth. He understands the proper procedure for prescribing and administering natural remedies, as well as lab-created medicines. Phillip has worked as a research scientist in a university laboratory for the past two years, and he has written approximately ten articles to date on pharmacological topics.


As a member of the medical community, Phillip understands all of the basics of eating well, as well as the medical complications that arise from malnutrition. During his time as a professional writer, Phillip has completed more than 25 projects focusing on nutrition-related topics, including weight loss, pregnancy nutrition and solutions for picky eaters.


In college, Phillip studied basic financial topics. After entering medical school, he continued to learn about finance through independent research. In the past, Phillip has written about personal finance, corporate budgeting, bankruptcy and investments. Though finance wasn't his major in college, he thoroughly enjoys learning new financial strategies and putting them into practice in his own life.


Phillip is a proud husband and father. He also studied interpersonal relationships in college, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge through published works. In the past, Phillip has written about marriage, raising children and choosing a school. Using his medical knowledge, Phillip is also able to tackle more challenging topics, such as behavioral issues and pediatric medical concerns.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Article500+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Phillip has written more than 300 blog posts on a variety of topics including insurance, law, medical issues, health, nutrition and more. He is comfortable including keywords when necessary, and he is capable of tailoring his writing to any audience. When writing for specific blogs, Phillip always views previous content to gain insight into the blog's style before he begins his work.


Phillip has written hundreds of articles on a variety of topics. He is comfortable with technical, informational and conversational styles, and he always tailors his writing to suit the designated audience. Phillip is also happy to conduct research to supplement his own knowledge whenever necessary, and he is capable of working multiple keywords into his content seamlessly.

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