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David approaches every task individually with a high level of discipline and attention to detail, giving every assignment the detailed thought and research it deserves.

He uses his extensive experience in writing company instructional texts and training manuals to create high-quality commercial and marketing texts for web content, promotional brochures and brand building strategies.

He has a passion for further education and takes every opportunity to engage in projects relating to business, management, training or mentoring. He recognizes the value of high-quality copywriting both as a marketing asset and an educational necessity. David is familiar with SEO, keyword placement, metadata and title formatting and adapts quickly to all forms of copywriting. He is conversant with AP style and the spelling variations of the American, UK, and Australian languages.

With his knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java and website hosting, David provides local companies with help in creating and optimising a website presence. (Example https://memtecuk.com/).


David enjoys all forms of copywriting and draws from his extensive background in engineering and supervisory management when necessary. Additionally, he has written many holiday promotional articles where he enjoys providing accurate, detailed and complementary descriptions of holiday destinations and their facilities.


Outside of work, David takes a keen interest in playing the guitar. He has played with several local bands and has previously held a part-time position teaching guitar using the London College Of Music syllabus. He has a firm interest in IT and computer operating systems and he enjoys software testing on Linux operating systems. He continues to broaden his knowledge of HTML coding and web development.


National Examination Board for Supervisory Management

A 1-year course introducing senior staff to the principles and practice of supervisory management. The course includes health & safety, time management, team building and budgetary control.

Verification provided on personal request.


A complete course to prepare individuals for a career in business, finance or management.

Verification provided on personal request.


106 Projects Completed

Working in a supervisory management position, David has experience in writing technical manuals and instructional training material.


19 Projects Completed

David continues to write many in-house IT guides and instructional articles.


71 Projects Completed

David regularly writes within a team of specialist writers engaged in writing SEO advertisements for the fast-food industry.


18 Projects Completed

David regularly writes complete holiday articles in full HTML format for a European based holiday company.

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