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Lee provides copywriting services offering clarity, personality, and a fresh voice. With over ten years of experience in digital marketing, Lee has written for many different clients and a wide variety of industries. Lee knows great content should be informative, contemporary, and error-free. Delivering on deadlines is a must. Creativity is vital. Lee holds a Bachelor's degree, having completed the creative writing program at the University of Bolton. Lee is looking to enjoy a steady stream of work to build his portfolio and help clients grow their businesses.
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Lee is a veteran in the marketing field. He's produced high-quality web content in the health, finance, digital marketing and entertainment spheres.


Lee's passion for writing and digital marketing gave him the expertise to create his social media marketing brand.

He continues to study and enjoy cinema and aspires to work on more entertainment-based projects.

Lee is currently working on a top-secret documentary, but that's just between us.


University of Bolton


100 Projects Completed

Writing is Lee's passion, and he enjoys the creative process of crafting informative articles to help your business grow.

Lee produces clear, engaging articles that capture customer's attention and result in higher conversion rates.


10 Projects Completed

Do you need premium content that helps people learn more about finance?

Lee has written articles, profiles, landing pages and video scripts for complicated investment vehicles that need a simple explanation and generate warm leads.

Lee specialises in finance articles that people genuinely want to read.


10 Projects Completed

Suppose you are looking to hire an article writer for your SaaS company. Lee is confident he has the experience for the job.

Lee is a self-employed writer and SaaS marketer. He spends his days reading and writing website copy, social media posts, and blogs, creating engaging content for companies. So Lee is familiar with the market and the readers' expectations.

Lee's articles are sharp, thoroughly researched and geared toward your target audience.

Blog Post

200 Projects Completed

Lee is capable of writing on a wide range of subjects. Lee would love to help by creating SEO optimised content on your behalf, from business to personal topics.


50 Projects Completed

You know that writing for the web takes time. You can't just pound out a story.

If you have a blog, you know how important it is to write well. Your readers need to feel that you're speaking directly to them and not any casual onlooker.

Writing articles can be satisfying yet tedious. If you know what you want but cannot stomach the research, writing and editing, Lee can help you.

Landing Page

10 Projects Completed

A good landing page will convert better than your homepage and drive qualified traffic to your site.

Despite their widespread use and effectiveness-few, marketers know how to create landing pages that truly convert. You need to:

Step 1 - Define a goal
Step 2 - Research your keywords
Step 3 - Create your landing page
Step 4 - Write your copy
Step 5 - Use conversion rate optimization
Step 6 - Split test landing page variations
Step 7 - Analyze results
Step 8 - Further split testing
Step 9 - Optimize your landing pages
Step 10 - Promote your offer

Lee has built landing pages for SaaS, Travel, Investment, Hypnotherapy and more. Lee knows how to write copy to create a strong landing page and attract the right kind of traffic.

Banner Ad

5 Projects Completed

The thing about banners is they tend to be bland. They have a single purpose and are usually not very creative. It's easy to know what you're getting when you click on an ad, but what if it was different? What if it had a personality? A colour scheme? What if it was fun to look at?

You might feel like a simple banner ad is just a bunch of text that you can't do much with; a few simple rules can make your message more memorable.

It's important to understand that the tone of your ad dictates the response you get, and with banner ads, you have the opportunity to control the message.

Lee has experience creating powerful and impactful banner ads for international brands and his own company and would be glad to help your business.


3 Projects Completed

Professional bios are not just for job seekers. They are a way to put yourself out there, stand out and define your image so that prospects remember you.

Lee would love to show you how he's written engaging bios for top CEOs. With his hands-on experience, he assures you that you will not be disappointed.

Lee is a results-driven, qualified and experienced creative writer with a proven track record of delivering copy that garners interest and creates leads.


3 Projects Completed

To help you create compelling videos, you need effective video scripts.

The script is what gives your video soul, makes it memorable, and sets it apart from the rest.

Lee has completed several courses on this subject, has written scripts for the marketing, health, and finance niches, combining storytelling with concise, compliant information.

Twitter Post

2 Projects Completed

Not all tweets are created equally. Some are so poorly written that they can be downright unhelpful, and at worst harmful.

Your tweets are a pre-screening tool, a mini-interview for people who want to follow you on Twitter. Your profile is your chance to show off your personality and show people that you are a professional.

Lee has built a modest following on two Twitter accounts but knows how to grow a following using the right content and tools.


1 Projects Completed

Lee created an eBook to help people succeed in copywriting.

This book isn't just for copywriters - it's for anyone in a position to write, create or develop content.

Lee spent hours pouring over every word and sentence to create a concise, helpful eBook worthy of publishing.

Lee is happy to help you write, edit and proofread your eBook.

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