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Matt R earned a B.A. in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1997. He is a Chicago-based freelance writer, novelist and editor. Matt has years of experience working with a variety of clients, including national magazines, websites and textbook publishers. After graduation, he immediately began working in the legal world, and now assists in the creation of online and print materials for law students. As a freelance writer, Matt landed a dream job with a national magazine reviewing movies, and has also co-authored a Chicago city guide. For the web, Matt has written about nightlife, entertainment, restaurants and film. His writing experience includes projects as varied as interviewing movie stars, writing about astronomy and key concepts in law.


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Matt has written press releases for student groups, causes and independent book publishers.

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Matt R has years of experience reviewing movies for a national magazine and for various websites. He has interviewed celebrities about current projects and has been a co-author of a Chicago nightlife guide. Matt has particular interest in indie and foreign films, but also a great love of comedy. Fittingly, his first interview was a with a real cut-up, the actor Kal Penn.


Matt has years of experience reviewing restaurants/nightlife for various websites and publications. He has co-authored a Chicago city guide that included scores of restaurant reviews. Matt has written about food, including cooking and dining out, for a variety of websites.


Matt has written humor pieces for the web since the late '90s. Whether he's tackling dating/relationships, writing personal humor essays or just having a light moment, Matt's brutally honest wit is a great fit for humor sites and publications.


Matt has worked for years in a legal assistant capacity. Whether in corporate law or in his current position in legal publishing, Matt is eminently familiar with legal environments, legalese and legal concepts. As an editor, Matt has a great deal of experience and he has parlayed that into writing about the law for websites.


Matt has a great love of travel, and thus far has visited three continents. Starting in high school, when Matt was an exchange student in Brazil, his great love of other cultures and societies has led him around the world. Matt has written for the web about domestic U.S. travel as well.


Matt has a great love for astronomy and archaeology, and as a "passionate amateur" follows trends, developments and news in these fields very closely. He is often found of the roof of his house in Chicago looking at the stars, thereby proving that urban astronomy is possible. He has written about his knowledge on websites.

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  • Article100+
  • Press Release10+
  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience


Matt has written articles since 1997, including newspaper articles, opinions columns, movie reviews, celebrity interviews, bar/restaurant reviews and humor pieces. For the web he has written about topics as varied as careers, law, food and astronomy.

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Matt has written press releases for student groups, causes and independent book publishers.


Matt has co-authored a nightlife and restaurant city guide for Chicago and is the author of one novel.

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