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As a veteran of the internet marketing field, Scott has over twenty years of experience creating content specific to the client's needs. He has written keyword-optimized site content, articles requiring research and citations, and ghost-written blog articles. Drawing from years of experience in SEM, SEO, and SMM, Scott specializes in writing pieces that are both easy to read and search engine friendly. Having worked for top agencies as well as directly with clients he has worked in practically every industry vertical from hair replacement products to biohazard cleanup services to industrial water and sewage engineering. While in college he majored in social sciences and journalism. He is most proud of having written a musical theater script that was staged to sold-out audiences and received positive reviews from professional theater critics from across the Southeast.
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Scott is proud of his ability to acquire a basic understanding of most technologies and the underlying scientific principles. Writing a series of profiles of experts chosen for high-profile patent litigation; topics included vortex dynamics, wireless communications, forensic accounting, and non-invasive surgical techniques. Beyond writing knowledgeably about each subject the assignment required the ability to communicate the legal issues involved. Working for legal clients requires a high level of professionalism, eloquence, and an understanding of the restrictions inherent in the legal and medical industries.


Since childhood Scott has had an interest in theater and dance. Starting with school productions and church plays, his fascination with the stage has evolved from acting, dancing, and singing to writing, directing, and choreography. As a dancer, he has studied ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. While in college his senior project was a video series he wrote and directed on each style; exploring their history and the physics involved in performing each style. Beyond the arts, he has a passion for sociology and social psychology. He currently has a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences with concentrations in Sociology and Journalism. He hopes to earn his master's degree in Sociolinguistics.


University of Montevallo

His major was Social Sciences with a focus on Sociology and Journalism. His minors were Theater and Dance. He was very involved in the school's dance troupe, theater productions, and our college newspaper. He graduated in five years rather than four because he took a year off to pursue professional theater.

Search Marketing

350 Projects Completed

Scott has spent over twenty years in search marketing. He has created blog articles, press releases, website content, client correspondence, product information sheets, and more. When creating online content he keeps foremost in his mind the techniques and skills he has learned for search optimization. Much of his experience has involved ghostwriting blog articles for client websites. With these projects, he has always worked closely with the client to be accurate and to write in the client's "voice".


150 Projects Completed

Working in the eCommerce industry Scott has written a wide variety of pieces from promotional pieces for introducing new products coming to market to informational articles. The challenge with much of the content when writing about a client's product is to highlight the benefits and features in a way that is relevant to the target audience while downplaying any known flaws or defects. Honesty is important and it is often beneficial to acknowledge upfront a product's shortcomings. One project which stands out as enjoyable and rewarding was writing a series of reviews for ecommerce technology products he used on a daily basis because it involved responding to comments on subjects he had first-hand knowledge of.

Health Supplements

10 Projects Completed

As part of his search optimization and paid search management work Scott wrote content involving various health supplement products and their benefits. From this experience, he has a working knowledge of exactly what kind of verbiage is acceptable when dealing with health supplements. For example, when writing content involving a health supplement it is imperative not to make claims about its efficacy. While it is permissable to state the results of a study there is potential liability around words such as "treatment" or "cure". Also, certain health supplements contain substances that are closely regulated or banned and therefore require explicit caution when writing ads or articles.

Case Studies

250 Projects Completed

Scott has extensive experience writing case studies on legal industry cases. While working for an expert witness placement firm he created site content optimized for the various technologies relevant to each case. Using briefs from specific intellectual property cases the challenge was to create content for the website that would perform well in search rankings while not being easily recognizable. The work had a steep learning curve and required the ability to gain a quick grasp of the technologies.

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