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Dave has three years of technical writing experience, and has also spent a few years writing product reviews, and is now working as a copywriter for content, blog, and SEO posts.
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His specialty is taking complex information, and explaining it in a way that is easily understood. In a previous role, he worked to explain business practices to programmers, and then took the feedback from the programmers and explained it to the business group.

He also specializses in storytelling, having spent years learning from Keith Johnstone, a leader in the field of dramatic improvisation.


He has a lot of varied interests, including building things with Lego, playing guitar, and improvised comedy. He loves old music from the 40's and 50's, and relaxing on the beach.


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Dave has spent years writing comedic material for the stage and the page, most recently as an editor for a comedy pop culture website.

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Good blog copy is something that takes effort, and the rewards can be enormous. Dave writes clean, concise copy that hooks readers and keeps them on your page.


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Advertising is writing clear, concise copy, with the kind of flair that turns heads. Clever copy is fine, but copy that SELLS is the only thing that counts.

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