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Jay F earned a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and History at New York University. He has written dozens of short stories, columns, essays and has even published a novel. Knowledgeable of a myriad of subjects, though an expert on little more than how to write well, he spends the majority of his time learning, writing, playing music or doing the NY Times crossword puzzle.


Jay F specializes in fiction, academic writing and first person narratives, though he is comfortable in a variety of mediums. He is also an accomplished guitarist.


Jay F published his first novel in November, 2011. His accomplishment was highlighted in a two-page article in the New York Daily News on December 26, 2011. On top of being a successful novelist, he is also a talented guitarist, and will soon release his first album with his band, Pistols 40 Paces. His day job places him in the basement of the Supreme Court each day, which has given him the ability to understand Legalese very well. He also prides himself on his sarcastic sense of humor, though he knows when to turn it off.


New York University

Philosophical study at NYU is heavily based in the Anglo-American tradition. Jay F excelled in the study of logic, ethics and the philosophy of language. He found metaphysics somewhat tedious.
As NYU feels that every culture is important, there are numerous classes for students of history, and individuals are encouraged to broaden their horizons. Instead of focusing upon one area of history, Jay F studied a large variety of civilizations. His thesis examined the relations between America and Siberia in the late 1800s.


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Jay F wrote for a small company that provides information to potential visitors to state parks throughout the country. He wrote every overview for every park in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Texas, West Virginia and Vermont. These overviews focused on the park's amenities, history and most striking natural features.


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Jay F has written 19 columns for Stay Thirsty Magazine. While these columns are meant to showcase bars throughout New York City, they often venture into a variety of topics, such as music, economics, philosophy and politics. He has not been paid for any of these columns as of this time.


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Jay F wrote an article on Philip Levine for the journal Labor and Employment Law. This article was written pro bono.


1 Projects Completed

Jay F wrote a novel entitled The Walls. It was published in 2011 by Stay Thirsty Press.

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