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Sherise Henry is a seasoned journalist in television, newspaper, and public relations.
She can write for every medium from voiceovers to press releases. She loves the creative challenge writing brings. She plans to grow in the area of content writing and has 2 years of experience thus far. Her work ethic and ability combine to produce great copy.
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She completed two years of law school before determining that she didn't want to be a lawyer. However, she has the ability to handle law and write about it. She can break a case down so that an elementary student could understand it.

Taking a note from the page of her journalism are to write as though an eighth-grader can understand it and a doctor or lawyer wont be offended. After 20 years, she has gotten good at that.

She also has experience in writing under the umbrella of marketing. She writes great commercials.


Her interests include Marketing, Education, Law, Self Help, and Religion.

She has a passion for writing.

That feeling thrives when she is writing about the topics she loves.


Xavier University of Louisiana

She was active in XUTV, Xavier Herald and worked as a production assistant for WvUE-TV New Orleans while still a sophomore

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The UMCOR anniversary planning commission members are, from left: Keith Lewis, Terry Smith, Ethel Lee, Vergie Richard, Idella Stevenson, Brenda Thomas, Sherise Henry and Benny Druilhet. Not Pictured are David Thompson, Violet Thompson, Jennifer Lanceslin, Maviola Phillips, James Armelin Jr. and Amy Fuselier.

Wed, 10/11/2017 - 9:40 am
The grounds of UMCOR Sager Brown in Baldwin have been blessed with spirit led people with a mission to educate, house, feed and most of all nurture, the souls that have crossed its path.
Many are a testament to the unselfish acts of administrators, staff and teachers who have grown its legacy. Topping the list of witnesses to such character are Sager Brown students.
Before becoming a supply depot that reaches those in need globally. UMCOR has a history as Sager Brown School, an orphanage and learning center to those who were fortunate enough to receive training there.
This month, UMCOR Sager Brown is celebrating 150 years of service in a Homecoming Reunion for all administrators, staff, teachers, students and volunteers who have crossed its path over the years.
Among those celebrated will be some of the elders in the Baldwin community who have rich stories to tell of their Sager Brown experience.
Ninety-four-year old Susie Mae Lewis is one such person. She recalls the life lessons her training brought her.
“I went to Sager Brown from the third grade to the tenth grade and when I left Sager Brown, I had enough credits to finish high school,” Lewis said. “Those were the good ole days. We used to have Mayday at Sager Brown. We would plant the Maypole and there were ribbons that we used to wrap it. We had children attend Sager Brown from all over the state, teachers too, we all got along fine.”
One of the life lessons Lewis remembers learning at her beloved alma mater is work ethic. Lewis said along with studying, her job was to help out in the school cafeteria.
“I was a cook”, Lewis said. “Sager Brown was my second home, we were a family. I felt safe”
Eliza Collins, 84, of Baldwin also attended Sager Brown School. She said although she only spent one year on campus as a student, the faculty and students of the school were a rich part of her childhood memories.
“I only attended ninth grade at Sager Brown, but I have so many good memories of the people there because as a member of Trinity United Methodist Church, they would come to services for Sunday school and join church and sing in the choir so I knew them well,” Collins said.
Also on the list of local alumni is Ocie Carline Napolean, a current resident of Jeanerette. She said one of her best memories as a young adult came from joining extracurricular activities at Sager Brown.
“It was a very interesting school. We had sports and a glee club which I belonged to, one of my favorite times was when we got an invite from Southern University to perform there and we won second place for a song called ‘Listen to the Lamb,” Napoleon recalled. “Attending Sager Brown gave me a great head start in my education. My parents only had to pay a dollar a month for me to go there. In order to get there I had to walk. I would get up, prepare breakfast for the family and then I went to school.”
All three alumnists agree that faith and values were a big part of their education experience.
“Christianity was a big part of our school life. They taught us how to love one another,” Napoleon said. “If children today were coming up in the times we were coming up, they would learn a lot. Like discipline, we wouldn’t talk back to the teacher or no elderly person. I came from the old school.”
UMCOR Sager Brown’s 150th Homecoming Reunion is set to take place Oct. 21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. All former faculty students and volunteers are invited to attend. The day’s list of activities is as follows:
10-11 a.m. Parade
11 a.m.-Noon Welcome and Occasion
Noon-1 p.m. Campus history tour and dedication of museum
1-2 p.m. Lunch served
2-2:30 p.m. Wrapping of Maypole
2:20-3:30 p.m. Campus history tour/slide show and video
3:30-4:30 p.m. Entertainment
4:30-5:30 p.m. Refreshments and fellowship
9 a.m. Sunday morning worship service at Trinity United Methodist Church


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Education is something she has spent a lot of time reporting about. Be it school performance scores, school board meetings, or programs being held at individual schools.

Education is at the heartbeat of every community.

It affects homeownership, tutoring, and tests. Everyone wants to live by an A school. Every school wants to be an A school.


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Giving each candidate a voice while running for office is a great community service. Another angle in a political story is writing about the importance of registering to vote. Rallies can help.
Writing about government even gives you a chance to write about the demographics of each district. Stories that effect each councilman's district can be a great story as well.


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Get your head in the game, Where are you? Can’t you just feel the frustration as a Coach yells out to his team? Players are frustrated as well. Not able to reach their coach’s expectations. What if there was a player, one the coach called his secret weapon that always got in the game when things got tight.
That player is none other than GEM PERSONA. He’s the team’s role model. The one they try to mimic on and off the field. GEM PERSONA is never late for practice. When playing he leaves it all on the field. His humility allows him to embrace any criticisms that would make his performance better.
GEM PERSONA is a mythical character that represents a fictional soccer player. Nevertheless he teaches players a lot. “GEM Persona speaks to every player’s subconscious, leaving them wondering what’s my best? How much of “GEM Persona” lives in me.
“The Persona” an assisted sports performance enhancement for Mind, Body, Spirit Synergy for World’s Best Sporting Teams, focused on Soccer, Basketball, and Cricket. Knowing what game shows off your best talent and having that winning edge is obtainable when players learn to focus. Focus even down to their breath.
Ninety nine percent of the brain is made up of our subconscious. It’s there that a player can focus all his energy in performing at a higher level. If you believe it, you can achieve it. Building a grass root game changing mindset can mean the difference when there is seconds on the clock and it’s anyone’s game.
When the realization of what’s attainable seeps into the player’s subconscious, they then have the belief that they can win, they will win.
Confident players who begin to have their thoughts become crystal clear and are willing to put in the work and dedication to improving their game may become a team’s stand out player. The one who put Gem Personas challenge to the test and won.


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She has spent a lot of time either working or writing about government.
Education was her beat (topic) to cover as both a freelancer and staff writer.
It taught her a lot about protocol and procedures. It also allowed her to reach out to persons who were well-researched in their position.
Journalism gives you the opportunity to be a lifelong learner.


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We can all stand to be a little more introspective as well as have discernment about the people around us.
Spirituality is a great way to ground yourself in what's important
She has written on the matter directly but mostly as an element in the story that helps the interviewee

Self Help

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Self Care is paramount. It takes initiative to get a handle on which foods, hobbies, and exercise affect your overall well being.
There are many paths to self help.

Health Supplements

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On her journey to become my best self she has tried and is interested in health supplements. She feels health supplements are about more than just losing weight. They can also help with brain fog, hypertension, and diabetes.


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One of the most influential factors in how a person views their life and self worth is the people in whom they surround themselves.

Relationships be it family, friends, or persons you date have a certain power that they can use for good or bad.

Learning how to guard your heart is even Biblical.

More stories on the balance between using your head and using your heart when dealing with relationships needs to be discussed and written about a lot more.


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Wed, 01/09/2019 - 9:49am
An agenda item that will reconsider the name change of a portion of Cypremont Road to Joseph “Tooney” Davis Drive is being carefully watched by his son, Trent Davis.
Davis said that his father was a visionary who brought many conveniences and opportunities for multi-ethnic residents living in the area.
He spoke of his late father’s accomplishments ranging from establishing waste and sewage lines as a St. Mary Parish councilman and St. Mary Parish Police juror to taking the lead in proposing street lights, 911 services, parks and the St. Mary Parish Civic Center.
Davis claims there were residents who went to the St. Mary Parish Council to try to change the name back to Cypremont Road and “they too are reaping the benefits of my dad’s hard work.”
Davis referred to an agenda item that will be considered at tonight’s St Mary Parish Council meeting, proposed by Councilman Paul Naquin “providing for the renaming of a portion of Joseph ‘Tooney’ Davis Drive.”
Davis pointed out that there would be little inconvenience to those accepting the name change, all residents’ house numbers would remain the same. The name change has already gone into effect, the part of the roadway being challenged would only affect a portion of Cypremont Road.
Among the list of Joseph “Tooney” Davis’ accomplishments are that he was the first African American hired at Cabot Corp in 1964, the first to serve on the Teche Electric Cooperative Board of Directors and the first to be elected to the St. Mary Parish Police Jury.
The council meets at 5:30 p.m. in public hearing and at 6 p.m. in regular session on the fifth floor of the St. Mary Parish Courthouse.

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HPR Contact : Sherise H.


-Baldwin, La (June 28, 2021)

The 3rd annual Baldwin Fall Fest will soon be underway. We’ve reached the part in our planning where we are asking those who love the festival to become volunteers.
There are five volunteer meetings that are required. They are June 28, July 13, August 23, September 8 and September 17.
This year’s festival will take place September 18th.
Now is the time to decide which portion of the festival you would like to, games, music, or decorations.


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Ever sit in front of the T.V. and became drawn into a commercial. Did it make you laugh, cry, or become intrigued? If so blame it on writers and producers that are mastering the art of working with “Persona”. It is the mechanism that allows anyone to take their talent and become rock star great. Can you do the same? Sure you can. You can walk in any room and become a positive influence. Place your sincerity and talent at center stage and let “Persona” keep you there.
Here’s how it works. Close your eyes. Is there a song in your heart, a poem, a speech? Now open your eyes. There’s a sea of people in the audience chanting your name. They are on the edge of their seats wanting to hear more from a person who is smart, talented and is enjoying that moment with them. “The Persona” is the motivational tool you used to reach this blissful state of being. You’re now charismatic and entertaining.
How will more people have a chance to experience this level of greatness? “The Persona”. Large Advertising companies are in a bind these days. There’s not enough new ideas circulating that would cause audiences to react. Let “The Persona” puts you in a position to influence advertisers rather than let advertisers influence you.
Representing the unique person you are goes much further than playing a role for TV. You’ve got “it”!
The “it” that makes advertisers respond.
The Persona is a mythical idea that thrives on the courage, talent and life changing confidence that would put you on top and make you a game changer. “The Persona” is you at your best. The thought challenges you to look in the mirror and inspires you to your best self.

Whether your talent brings you to TV or a live audience. Embracing the best you can lead to a Once in a Lifetime opportunity.
Begin your journey by emailing

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Subconscious Stress
Some of you are so enthralled in gaining success over things on your to do list, you are not aware of the subconscious stress that may even cause lackluster results. The busy pace of career parents or those single but carrying the world on their shoulders can relax a bit, there is help.
1) A Good Night’s Sleep- it may sound like to simple a task to really pay attention. Everyone needs appropriate rest. But for late night workers are those who work the graveyard shift it’s especially true. Devoted employees may feel like burning the midnight oil makes them a good worker and a value to their employer. However, if you don’t get eight hours sleep you may not be valuing yourself. A revived parent, employee, friend will take care of themselves first and then all the many tasks and projects that face them. ( /health)

2) Slow Down- You may be over estimating what you can get done in a day; leaving you feeling tired an unaccomplished. Less may really be more. Shoot for consistence. Slowing down may
Be the key to presenting your best self. Scale down now and soar later. (

3) Talk about Your Problems- Learning how to process your stress can be difficult at first, one problem being that you may not have a confidante in your life to share things.
A healthy relationship lends themselves to free therapy. Of course, if you can’t find a person to really talk to among your friends and family, it may be best to seek professional help.

Managing stress, especially stress you may not have been aware of can take a little time to figure out. Don’t feel alone. Ask your doctor about ways you can calm yourself naturally or with medication. The end result will be a clear thinking, well rested you.

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