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Jeremy G. has over 5 years of experience in freelance writing for some of the top companies online. Through this experience, he has gained proficiency in SEO writing, whitepapers, copywriting, product descriptions, and ads. He attended the University of Texas Tech and majored in Psychology and minored in Business. He is currently getting his Masters in Criminal Justice through Arizona State University. Through these years, he gained extensive knowledge into the human condition and took numerous writing intensive classes. These classes allowed him to become in proficient in many different types of writing styles that include APA and MLA. During his college tenure, he also started a sports website that covers the latest news and information about mixed martial arts. Soon after graduating college, he began freelance writing for companies online and also did some editing. This experience allowed him to build up a client list and become even more proficient in SEO writing. He has worked for many companies and even started writing for a sports website. With this company, he began filing post-game reports for many different college teams. This allowed him to diversify his writing skills and he began writing about different topics that included marketing, home and family, business, sports, and finance just to name a few.


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Jeremy G's Gaming Industry Experience

5 Projects Completed

Jeremy has written several articles covering the latest information about video games. From game guides to helpful hints, he has detailed these topics in order to help gamers across the world. He is himself an avid gamer and has extensive knowledge on the subject.

Industry Projects

  • Relationships50+
  • Sports50+
  • Women20+
  • Health20+
  • Self Help10+
  • Pets10+
  • Music9
  • Career7
  • Fitness6
  • Gaming5

Summary of Industry Experience


Jeremy has written numerous articles on relationships and how people can make them stronger. In many of his articles, he has laid out an outline on how to make dating an easy process for even the most introverted of people. He has also written articles that detail how men and women both think in a relationship, and a guide to make any relationship successful over the years.


Jeremy has written numerous articles on sports and the latest information around the world. He has filed many post-game report articles for different colleges around the nation. He also manages his own sports website, where he has written hundreds of articles that detail the latest happenings in the sports world and culture.


Jeremy has written many articles that have covered woman and their lifestyle. Some of his work has been published in magazines online, and he has gained extensive knowledge through his college tenure. From relationships to marriage, these articles covered it all.


Jeremy has written many articles concerning the topic health. Some of the issues have centered on mental health like ADHD and OCD. He has helped many people gain insight into medical topics and has also covered health insurance plans. From HMOs to PPOs, Jeremy has helped people understand these issues for their benefit.

Self Help

Jeremy has helped those looking to better themselves physically and emotionally as well. These advice tips helped people with their marriage, with their self-esteem, and with their relationships with the people around them. These tips have been mutual beneficial for him and the readers.


Jeremy has written many blog posts and articles covering many different types of animals. Some of his client have requrested this because he is an avid animal enthusiast. From reptiles to dogs, he has written many informative pieces about managing their lifestyle and daily tips.


Jeremy has written numerous articles that have cover the latest news in the music industry. He has also reviewed some of the top artists in the music world today. Jeremy has written in depth pieces about music instruments and the history of how they came to be.


Jeremy has share many tips for those looking into online business and small business practices. He has shared helpful hints into becoming a freelance writer and the prons and cons associated with this type of field. He has also helped people better understand certain aspects of the psychology field, and what jobs are ideal coming out of college.


Jeremy has shared some excellent articles covering fitness. Some of these issues revolved around personal fitness, loosing weight, healthy diets, healthy activities for the entire family, and proper running attire. These articles have helped people gain insight into a healthier lifestyle.


Jeremy has written several articles covering the latest information about video games. From game guides to helpful hints, he has detailed these topics in order to help gamers across the world. He is himself an avid gamer and has extensive knowledge on the subject.

Product Projects

  • Article20+

Summary of Product Experience


Jeremy has written many articles for online companies. These articles have ranged from many topics that include sports, relationships, dating, marketing, and business just to name a few.

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