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• Digital Marketing: Created e-commerce website including all product listings, unique selling points, and SEO. Worked with a non-profit to enhance social media presence and build awareness. Work with Google Ad Words for keywords, demographics, ad listing, and campaigns.
• Content Writing: Contracted by website development company to develop content for services and products for various industries requiring research and creative writing skills.
• Marketing and Branding: Working with Disaster Relief Organization in marketing and branding new nationwide division including conception, development, proposal, graphics, and execution.
• Graphic Design: Designing infographic and social media content to be used in international awareness campaigns and at international conferences.
• Strategic Marketing: Partnering with Product Development team for videos, instructions, collateral, and other promotional materials for new products, including SaaS (Software as a Service). Project marketing initiatives including conducting status and project kick-off meetings, tracking project deliverables, and identifying project issues.
• Consulting: Working with private investment firms and companies to provide an understanding of the markets of various industries. Sought out for marketing, management, and sales environment information.
Real Estate
Press Release
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• Newsletters, web content, employee manuals, reward programs, and press releases
• New product and services proposals with timelines, ROI, personnel, risks, and executive scope
• Executive presentations for industry events, investor relations, annual meetings
• Talking points for televised national shows and home shopping sales demonstrations
• Instructional videos for consumer products, testimonials for services, and technical product instructions

Construction, medical devices, legal services, software (SaaS), federal procurement, consumer goods, security, medical services, financial services, home decorating, new home construction, home remodeling, beauty and self-care, insurance, energy, roofing, automotive, education, manufacturing, marine, landscaping.


women's rights
inline skating
scuba diving
Mom of boys
digital marketing


Florida Atlantic State University

MBA with a focus on International Business. Classes in finance, accounting, business writing, marketing, global business, and more.

Curtin University

Masters in Digital Marketing including:
Public Relations
Customer Behavior
Online Marketing Stratgies
Strategic Brand Management
Digital Branding and Engagement


20 Projects Completed

10 years in the performance chemical industry, working with product development teams to design solutions for the car care industry. Worked on web content, newsletters, internal communication, scriptwriting, videos, catalogs, packaging, and more. Worked with both national and international distributors.


20 Projects Completed

Blogs, press releases, web content, and more. Worked in the commercial lending industry for four years as a Marketing Director. Led a company's marketing effort from all communication internally to talking points on national TV shows.


20 Projects Completed

All different types of manufacturing from clothes to bottle cap sort machines


19 Projects Completed

20 years+ in the business world with an MBA, and a Masters in Digital Marketing. Worked on numerous different projects including commercial finance, real estate, distribution, insurance, manufacturing, medical supplies, and more.


10 Projects Completed

Press releases, blogs, social media, ads, articles, and web content.


10 Projects Completed

Blogs, web content, product descriptions. Has her own business making garden boxes and setting up gardens for clients. Pay attention to what works and what doesn't both for my own benefit and for her clients.


10 Projects Completed

Experience with SaaS in positioning the service/product as either a "sought" or "unsought" product. Have worked with various companies where they were providers among many different SaaS companies and had to position them in the evaluation stage as the best choice.


10 Projects Completed

Blogs, press releases, and web content for the solar energy industry.

Real Estate

10 Projects Completed

Work mainly in writing for real estate lending and various aspects for investors. Look for trends in the market as well as for certain locations. Research for topics to make blogs and press releases notable and relevant.


6 Projects Completed

Press releases, web content, and blogs. Experience in wire work, flower arranging, jewelry making, woodworking, gardening, and more. Have learned all different skills on my own as well as taught others.


5 Projects Completed

Research on trends and SEO topics for blogs. Write for a pet insurance company. She watches for trends in the marketplace and on social media and then pitches them for different ideas. She also conducts interviews as needed for professional opinions on various subjects to give her writing authority.

Blog Post

28 Projects Completed

Laura has written all types of blogs from lifestyle to research with various tones of voice. The style will depend on the subject matter and the client's preference. Industries written for include: pets, insurance, energy, childcare, gardening, electrical services, eye care, finance, real estate, roofing, home improvement, and more.

Press Release

20 Projects Completed

Press releases are an important and vital part of a company announcing changes, growth, events, new hires, new services, and more. Laura has written for all of these types of press releases in many different industries.


20 Projects Completed

A product description must be attractive and match the customers' preferences. Poorly written product descriptions will result in a mismatch between expectations and services or goods received.


20 Projects Completed

FAQ's are a great way to match with the questions customers are putting into an internet search query. They also provide the company with authority as an expert for the products/services they are providing. The more information a company can provide, the more confidence a customer will have in their product.

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